Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I don't make money from Advertlets!

No, the title is not a question, and this is certainly not a ranting post, rambling on about why Advertlets is a bad advertising network, so on and so forth.

I repeat, I have no intention of bad-mouthing Advertlets. Instead the title of the post is a statement, a shockingly electrifying statement after I discovered the possible reason why I am not making good money off Advertlets advertising network.

If you are even remotely interested to join this advertising network and make some decent money off it (sorry to foreign bloggers, I think this advertising network currently accepts only Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers) or you yourself are not making good money off this network, then please read on.

Let's look at how much money I have been making from Advertlets since joining them in February 2008.

Click on the image to enlarge but in case you cannot see the amount of money I earned, it is RM0.642 and that is the total since February 2008, that amount is about $0.20. In between February and now, I have dropped the Advertlets ads on my blog for 2 to 3 months because I was discouraged by the low earnings. It is even less than what I am earning from My Search Funds (now known as homepages friends).

I began thinking that it was weird that I do not receive a single advertiser since signing up with Advertlets. Then when I visited the support section of Advertlets site, I found this:

Question: Do I need to have at least 50 demographic poll submissions to get advertising on my blog?

Nope. Nada. No. The demographics submissions has always been more of a recommendation than a requirement - however, you will not be eligible for ALL advertising opportunities available IF your demographics submissions are NOT filled in.

Generally, the more demographics submissions you have the higher your chances. Some advertisers like to use demographics to determine which blogs they should advertise on, especially if its a product/service that applies to one gender. However, some would like to reach a larger audience, with some targeting options (eg, as long as they are Malaysians).

Please read the bold text of the answer part. Now I know what is the use of the poll code given by Advertlets. Apparently, if we have a complete demographics submissions profile (minimum 50), we have a higher chance to be selected by advertisers to run their campaigns. I will be blogging about the types of campaigns advertisers could run through Advertlets in another post. The answer above seems to imply that bloggers who have not completed 50 demographic submissions will not have their profiles available for network wide advertisers to choose from. It is sort of you are an invisible publisher with Advertlets, where they do not list you in their internal list of publishers to be chosen by advertisers.

Duh! No wonder I don't get a single advertiser yet, going to work on that...

I have not inserted the poll code into my blog template yet, but now that I know the importance of demographics submissions, I proceeded to add it immediately. You can see the widget (or gadget?) on my sidebar under the title "Help Me Get Advertisers".

If you have some time to spare or appreciate knowing about the importance of demographics submissions from this post, kindly help me fill in my demographic submissions. If you did that, and would like me to return a favor by submitting YOUR demographic submissions (even if you are in nuffnang network :) ) or commenting on your blog post or dropping on your EntreCard widgets, do leave a comment here please.

Thank you to anyone who read up to this point. Hope we all have a better chance to make money now, have a nice day by the way :)
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Jasonmumbles said...

Earning from Advertlets? You might as well put Google Adsense and pretty sure you will earn more that way. Most importantly, you will get your money at the end of the day.

BobbyT said...

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, even Google Adsense is not converting well for me right now.

Jayce said...

You need to place AdSense Ads at the correct placement. Else you can't earn much. You can see my website for example on how to place AdSense ads. =)

Chris said...

Great Post, My Search Funds is really easy to promote, Ive got hundreds of referrals earning me loads each month which Im happy with :)

I use this site to get my referrals: - Build Your Downline For Free

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