Sunday, January 11, 2009

AirAsia X Makes My Dream To Go To Japan Possible

The post today will be a break from my ordinary topics. I cannot resist posting this because it is something personal and has long been one of my many wishes. Also, I noticed there is lack of comment in my post, hence decided to be more personal in my post, hoping for comments from some sympathetizers (I don't usually post in a personal tone, but that does not mean I am a robot, so get to know me, I'll proof to you that I am no droid).

Anyway, I noticed this news:
AirAsia X eyes Japan after Tokyo relaxes tough visa rule

I have only traveled once by AirAsia (Bangkok-LCCT) and the experience was not especially good or bad, I would rate it as so-so, I have had worse rides on the air (ask me if you really want to know). However I have already booked an ultra early e-ticket to Kelantan for a friend's wedding, so 6 months from now, I'll hopefully be traveling on AirAsia again.

AirAsia X as you all know is a budget international airline, it had flown to Macau, China and Indonesia and Thailand. Its most recent success is securing the flying route to London and now Japan. As far as I know, they have ordered the largest single purchase of the Airbus A330-300 planes ever in this whole wide world.

So why am I so excited about this piece of news? First of all, cheap tickets. Secondly, I am very fond of Japan and its culture, I am not really sure why. I like their gadgets, technology, their brands, their manga, their ramen, their footballers (err just Nakamura perhaps), kawaii girls, opps!

Generally I am very curious about Japan, it seems their society is so different from ours, that I can relate my culture to any Westerners better than to them. Their social values and ethics are very unique too, their love for mangas and unchallengeable work ethics are among the things which they are famous for.

Unfortunately AirAsia X is only flying to Hokkaido, Osaka and Fukuoka. No Tokyo. Never mind, you can always land in any of the 3 destinations and then travel to anywhere in Japan on their famous bullet trains. By the way, do save up more money if you are going to Japan, I heard it is an expensive trip even if the AirAsia X tickets may cost peanuts.

Am I personal enough now? Hope to have some comments ;) Would you like to go to Japan and why? If you have been there, could you share with us the places of interest there?
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amos said...

Don't forget that AirAsia flies to Australia as well.. :)

BobbyT said...

Yes, I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding.

Australia is another place I really want to visit.

Now everyone can fly, eh?

jam said...

Hokkaido is my dream!

Pete said...

I fell for their cheap flight alerts on my mobile and booked to fly to Melbourne this June.

Only after booking did I do a search on AirAsia X flights. I think I'm going to suffer on this flight. I'm not looking forward to it.

My first visit to Australia so got something to look forward to though.

Japan.. hmm that's where I want to go next. I'll give AirAsia X"tra" a pass. Matta fair is around, should find a good deal with MAS.

Anonymous said...

Japanese Girl is my dream ///

BobbyT said...

jam, hope you get to go there one of these days.

Pete just bear with the flight, you can enjoy once you reach your destination. Yeah nowadays MAS is rather affordable too.

Anonymous, well what can I say? Good choice :)

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