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Be Proactive and Adaptable While Making Money Online

I realize my blog is not a money making blog. However, money is a subject which is hard to avoid discussing about, we love it and regardless of the niche your blog is in, I bet you will start to pay attention when the topic comes up.

So it is 10th of January now, many people would make resolutions and have a decent plan or blueprint to accomplish some necessary tasks during the remainder of the year. Likewise, I have been thinking about a lot of things but I will share just what is relevant to this blog.

Last year was my first full year being a blogger, in fact it is still a few days short of a full year. Due to a combination of luck, timing and contact within the local blogosphere, I managed to make a whopping $2150 (about RM7500++ with the exchange rate 3.5) from this blog alone. It is not a large amount for many of you but as a rookie blogger, I am content with that amount for a start.

What got me worried is that I might not have many good advertisers or revenue streams for this year, especially when it has been earmarked as a year of recession. The prospect of making less money than the previous year is a daunting one for any bloggers who aspire to make money online.

OK, perhaps I have really lost you there. The message I am trying to say is "be proactive and adaptable" if you want to make continuous decent money online. That was what I did to secure a large sum of the $2150, I attended meetings with the advertisers, we corresponded through many emails, agreed to both verbal and written agreements, etc. and I make efforts to meet up with bloggers (this does not really make me money, but it makes me some valuable contacts).

If there are any large advertisers or sponsors again this year (which I think most probably not), I would be glad to repeat all I did last year, labouring all the long hours, corresponding almost weekly, etc. Obviously, no matter what I write, all of us are going to have different definitions about being proactive and adaptable in making money online. I do not attempt to advise you to follow my methods in any way because I am still not qualified to do so yet, there are more knowledgable bloggers and internet marketers around. However, I share here a part of my thoughts on how to actively seek out profitable income streams (and yet be adaptable when there is such need) and my little wisdoms around those thoughts.
  1. If you do not any money as ads publisher of a particular ads network, change to another company. So far I have published ads from Nuffnang, Advertlets, AdSense, ProjectWonderful, private ad sales and affiliate ads. I am not going to mention how much I make from each of them here, perhaps in another post. Seek the profitable ones and loyalty does not come into the equation when it comes to hard cash which we deserve.
  2. If there is interested advertiser, be proactive and pre-sell yourself (and your blog, of course) to secure a deal. This is a real experience, I have to go out of my ways to really be considered for the large deals. So, don't let a moment's lazyness to spoil your opportunities.
  3. Do the smaller deals and oversell your services and products. The small streams of income do add up to a river, if not sea. And if you do your work effectively and excellently, that gives you leverage to get larger deals.
  4. Optimize your earnings from ads. I have a soft spot for this, I don't really like to change my themes and my ads placements too much. However, there are other ways to optimize your ads earnings too. Examples of such methods are installing a better ad management plugin (for those on the WordPress platform), trying out different ads networks (refer No. 1 again).
  5. Be more receptive to new revenue sources. Previously, nobody thought one could make money by commenting on blogs and yet someone has done it. Entrecard Credits sale? Many people have sold more than $100 in total (not me). Yes, be adaptable, try out the new things, especially if they don't cost you nothing and may bring you good income.
  6. Come with a creative or innovative way to make money. If I am lucky, I may come up with at least one creative/innovative way to make money this year. Be sure that I am going to be real noisy if I ever do that, and you'll be sure to know even if you don't subscribe to this blog (but I hope you would subscribe anyway, hehe :D).
  7. Study your traffic sources. Actually this is one of the most important factors to effectively monetize your blog. Implement whatever ads which is better suited to the majority of your readers.
I initially wanted to write up to 9 little wisdoms but I suppose it is better to leave it at that because I have many things I want to say, but it's just hard to write it out. I just hope someone get what I was trying to say in this whole post.

By the way, in recent weeks, I have tried serving the ads of some companies which I have not tried before and the results have been rather good. Some of them are mentioned above, but no links from me. I want you to be proactive, remember? Even if it just means googling them up.

Fortunately, I am not going to write further, I know I have bored you enough. Be warned though, in my coming posts, there will be many posts talking about money, ads network and monetizing my blog. Now you know what position money occupies in my mind, hehe. Signing off here, comments appreciated.

"I wish you best of luck making money in 2009"
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jam said...

Very handy article! Thanks for sharing!

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you are welcomed :) thanks for visiting!

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