Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nuffnang serves vibrating ads

Yes, you read the title correctly, Nuffnang actually serves a literally vibrating advertisement sponsored by our earth-friendly population control authority and condom-maker Durex.
I have read that there are some Nuffnang-ads serving members who are unhappy because many of them are showing only 1 same advertisement all the time (most Nuffnang ads that I see are LG phone ad). However, apparently Nuffnang now has a new advertising campaign and I find the ad to be quite interesting! Presenting, a vibrating vibrator advertisement:

The taglines in the last row are of course my own, feel free to interpret them as you see fit (of course, they could hardly beat *"Job satisfaction guaranteed"*, hehe). You can also see the ad life in action here. I wonder if Advertlets will serve such interesting ads?
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Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Wow ... O_O

Creative! Totally! ^_^

Now I wonder if this job is for females only, or if males can apply too?

I would certainly want to work in Durex as a tester LOL!

Good share, mate. ;)

chingy said...

Wah, loved the ad weh!

Midwest said...

Haha..that's an interesting concept. If there are any places left, I would like to test Durex, just like Deimos..LMAO!

Good've been stumbled:)

nishu said...

hey bobby
thanks for leaving comment at

thanks for informing the spelling mistake :)

1 Million in 365 Days said...

That's hilarious. I wonder if you get benefits?

BobbyT said...

Funny part is it did not indicate male/female tester.. And I did not manage to go to the Durex page, any of you did?

Jayce said...

This is funny. Can I be a tester too? =P

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

Where do I sign up?!


BobbyT said...

Well Jay, I'd advise not. At any rate I think the ad campaign is now expired.

Secondly, isn't Durex condom maker? Since when do they produce vibrators as well?

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