Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Get paid to blog via PayPerPost


With the recent blogging craze, I am sure many people wondered, "What's with a blog, why is blogging such a big deal anyway?"

It seems that I am able to provide at least an appropriate respond to that question now. A blog in itself is nothing, it is the content and potential viewership that matter, a borderless Internet does make that potential seems unlimited. Apparently, good blog posts are so highly valued that big companies are paying bloggers to blog about them and their products or whatever issues they have chosen. Now, that is not really a small matter, where else in the past has anybody been paid to type and publish a few hundred words?

I have recently joined PayPerPost (PPP) and this blog has been approved to participate in the paid post program. Bloggers are not encouraged to reveal how much they are paid for a post, so I will just say that this post which is sponsored by PPP has a good price, a double figure amount.

My participation in paid post program is in line with the direction of this blog. I can evaluate PPP, get paid doing it and also introduce this simple form of money making to you. However I will try to refrain from post paid on this blog as much as possible unless the topic is suitable for the niche of this blog. Advertisers and publishers of payperpost should also observe word of mouth ethics and be moderate and tactful in buying or selling paid posts to maintain the quality of websites and keep scam sites to a minimum possible number.

The money earned from this program will be used in part to promote this blog (not much because hosting on Blogger is free) and in funding my purchase of my own hosting for other projects.

Are you a new blogger aiming to earn some money online? Have you run out of things to blog about? Feeling unmotivated because your blog does not benefit you in any way? If you fall into any of the mentioned categories, perhaps you want to consider signing up with PayPerPost and make blogging more fun and rewarding. Take note though, your blog has to be at least 30 days old with at least ten posts written in the last 30 days prior to registration with PayPerPost marketplace.

Join now with this link below and you will earn a double figure paid post offer from PayPerPost itself. Alternatively, you can look around the PPP site and read its FAQ and TOS if you are unsure about paid post program.

I get paid to blog, so can you! Join now, what are you waiting for?

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Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Pay per post?

You will get spanked by Big-G (google) for doing paid posts. -_-

BobbyT said...

Well, hopefully not because this blog is not geared towards paid posts (maybe like 5% paid posts max?). Please stay tune and subscribe to my feed because after this I am going to blog about the way to optimize your membership with PPP.

ben said...

I think even if you have only one paid post out of your 1,000 posts, you will STILL get spanked. Of course there are ways to get around this i.e. do as many paid posts from as many paid posting companies as possible and STILL not get spanked by Google...

BobbyT said...

@ben: wah I don't think I understand your logic of avoiding PR punishment by Google.

well I delayed this post long enough, thinking I might, however unlikely get a PR1 in April, but since it did not happen, I happily proceed to posting this post to share PPP with my readers. no harm though, I cannot drop lower than PR0 and PPP introduction is suitable for my niche.

Ah Pek said...

LOL, Bobby don't you think you are kind of late to be introducing PPP now?

And about Big G hor, you don't even need to write a paid post to get you banned. All you need is to stick the PPP tracking scripts in your blog and that's it. PR0 for life. and PR0 never gets anything from PPP after this introductory post, espescially if you are from Malaysia.

And there is no way of "optimizing" your membership, if I may add. Trust me. We have all been through it.

My blog remains a PR0, thanks to PPP, but we made our money already because back then, my PR5 can get opps as high as 60USD per post. So when Google slapped all my 4 blogs with a big fat 0, I don't care anymore because I already made more than 12,000 ringgit. Some crazy ones who do not sleep made more than 40,000. HAHAHAHa..

But it was a good adventure and those of us who started together with PPP had a fruitful time.

you are using a free platform so you got nothing to lose, so it's ok to go and have some fun and forget about the stupid PR.

Good luck, but please hor, don't follow what others are doing and start teaching others how to make money blogging. Writing cheap paid Post do not qualify you for that. Those who really know how to make money from blogging do not write cheap paid post. :-)

BobbyT said...

Oh well, for the amount paid for this post (I am sure you know how much Ah Pek), I am willing to take a risk. Google is sending like 10 visitors per day to me now, I don't mind losing that source of traffic.

Congratulations for earning so much. But I don't think it is too late to introduce PPP now, I got 1 or 2 referrals from this post already, some beginners out there deserve to experience this too.

And you may be right about PR0 forever, you may be wrong. I personally don't think a single post will harm me much. And kindly give me the benefit of the doubt, I don't follow MMO gurus blindly, I *feel* I know some ways to make money online, but here is where I start out and many other beginners too. I am buying myself an unlimited hosting in a month or two :)

Thanks though for the lengthy comment Ah Pek, hope you will continue make that much money in the near future!

Jayce said...

So PPP good or not?

BobbyT said...

@Jayce: Good or bad depends on individuals, and whether they willing to take risk or not. If you already have a PR and got many advertisers queuing up to advertise, then I'll say you don't need the money from PPP.

However, I believe paid posts can be balanced with good unpaid posts content and although those doing paid posts will still be penalised a little, it might be worth it after all considering the amount of potential money that is on stake. See how John Chow receives $400+ for a single review? I don't usually follow the probloggers' progresses but I know about one of their main sources of income: paid review.

So, go consider it for yourself :)

VIzzet said...

I am thinking about writing to Pay Per Post but it seems tough to me in my current English level -_-"

Midwest said...

Hey BobbyT. You have a nice post about PPP here. I know you can get spanked by Google and stripped off of your PR, but you'll get it back sooner or later ( that when and if you'll be awarded a PR sooner ).

It happened to me: I had a PR 3 sometime ago and right after writing a PPP post, I was penalized by Google. Have I removed that post? No. I still have a PR0?'s back to 3:) So I guess this tells something...

By the way, here are some posts I'd like you to stumble for me please ( I've stumbled yours too ):

Thanks a lot buddy!

Tiberius - -

Frost Fox said...

Frost Fox was here hehe...thx for visiting my blog

Greenleaf said...

I saw your question regarding the Paid-to-Click program I join at my blog.

Now, I'm making around USD$11.00 from it. Quite good though. ;-) I bought 10 referrals for USD$5.99 and now I'm making USD$11.00. Consider a good investment.

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Anonymous said...

hey.. check out this contest that can make you win a notebook!!!


Jayce said...

In this case, I better stay away from it lo. :)

Alex said...

But after you get spanked by google? can you somehow get back your site?

BobbyT said...

Alex, if your site deserved a good pagerank and you somehow got spanked/have your pagerank demoted because you're selling links or paid reviews, then it is possible to get back the pagerank that you deserve.

Many bloggers upon realizing that they were punished by Google, removed all paid links and reviews and asked for reconsideration from Google for their site to be returned to the original pagerank. Quite some bloggers have got back their pagerank :D

QuaChee said...

heya i just did this too :P

BobbyT said...

nice quachee,

actually there's now a new program by PayPerPost company too, called SocialSpark, with this program, you will (hopefully) not be punished by Google, because the links that you sell are "nofollow" links and is in accordance to Google's specifications of link sales.

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