Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Set a world record with Firefox 3

Would you like to be a part of history? Would you like to help set a Guinness world record of the most downloaded software in 24 hours' time?

I am already part of the history in making, there are nearly 5,000,000 million completed downloads as I am writing this post.

Mozilla Firefox is the world's most popular browser and Firefox 3 final is the latest version just recently available for download. The new version has many new features, various add-ons, improved security and productivity.

In appreciation of users' participation in the download day mission, users can download their own personalized Firefox 3 Download Day certificates, like the one above. How long has it been since the last time you were awarded with a certificate? Now, you can be a part of history, you can download the certificate, leave it to rot (together with your harddisk), or you can print it and even frame it!

However, before you start installing Firefox 3, be warned that older versions of add-ons, extensions and integration modules from other softwares may not be 100% compatible with it. I have several add-ons which are not compatible with Firefox 3 and also my download manager integration module is also disabled due to incompatibility issue. There are also some minor changes with Firefox as a whole (big ugly icons in the address bar, bigger browsing area, etc), which might take some time for us to adapt to.

So, my advice, if you are highly dependent on Firefox add-ons and enjoying your surfing experience with older versions of Firefox right now, you should proceed to download Firefox 3 (just to help set the world record!) and only install it when you are sure that the add-ons and integration modules have updated versions as well which are compatible with Firefox 3.

Have a happy day downloading and (not) using Firefox 3!
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Ah Pek said...

One small reminder which I taught of blogging about today but refrained because so many are already on this topic.

FF3 install over the older version FF2 but they don't keep whatever bookmarks ot toolbars you have saved in the older version. It's like new installation.

Lost all my bookmarks today after the update! Damn Frus leh!

BobbyT said...

I didn't want to blog about this at first, because I could hardly find the download day mission page but I was enticed by the super nice certificate hehe!

That's weird because I actually kept my old bookmarks and my most noticeable toolbar, StumbleUpon is still around.

Are you sure you selected the same installation folder? As in program files -> mozilla firefox? I think your bookmark file can still be found in the "C:\Documents and Settings" folder, if you are using WinXP. Hope you find it :)

Jayce said...

Yeah... I contributed some hits there too. :D

Jacky Supit said...

and now i am still using firefox 2 here lol

yea, i think i am just not ready to use ff 3, since my last trial on ff 3 beta, i got so many errors

oh btw bob, sorry for being oot. but i saw your writing services on some forums. i really want to talk to you about it but seems your contact form is broken there. could you please contact me on ym here: jackbookdotcom or just send your message to my mail:


BobbyT said...

Hi Jacky,

I am honored to have you over here on this small blog hehe.

I don't get any errors on FF3 but some add-ons are not working. I have used another add-on to get back the feel of the old FF2 address bar.

Sure I will contact you via email and YM. Will be meeting you there then. Thanks for visiting!

Shanker Bakshi said...

Wassup -booby - How you doing brother?
I like firefox 3 piclens is my fav add-ons. have you experiance this. and yeah the one which help downloading videos from Youtube.

zbaseball16 said...

I don't like firefox. I just don't like the interface. I don't know why it is so popular. I just like Internet Explorer.

BobbyT said...

shanker, I am fine, how about you? I personally don't rely too much on add-ons, I have some installed but I don't really use them (install them just to satisfy my curiousity, hehe!).

zbaseball16, so you only have the interface to attribute to your dislike for firefox? I think you just dislike 'change', as I was when I resisted changing from IE to firefox until just over a year ago. Now I am stuck with firefox.

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