Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silence is not golden in Blogosphere

Hello people, how have you all been? Wondering when I am going to update this blog? I am glad to announce that the wait is finally over (that is, if there is anyone waiting at all...), and I will try to update more often from today onwards, no promise though...

Today I am going to talk about the value of silence in Blogosphere. No doubt, many of you have heard of idioms about the virtue of silence, for example, "Silence as virtue" and "Silence is golden". However, those idioms don't hold absolute truth in the Blogosphere. True, there are times in the Blogosphere, when things are better left unsaid, but most of the time, it is better to voice out one's opinions or just say something, anything at all.

In the past few days, due to me being busy with real life commitment, I have had the opportunity to test out the effect of keeping silence on this blog: there are fewer visits and comments as time goes by. I can only conclude that silence is not golden in the Blogosphere.

First of all, why run a blog if you are going to be silent most of the time? The reason people read blogs is because they want to read something fresh, they want to know what you have to say, regardless of you boasting, lying, revealing a top secret or just simply blogging about your dull life, there is probably someone out there who wants to read your blog posts.

I am often amazed at how some personal blogs out there could have massive followings eventhough they do not offer much valuable information. I think the reason is because the modern technologies nowadays have estranged people, they have a busy lifestyle and interact mainly with certain few individuals everyday and as a result, they actually crave for some interactions with other people, they are expressing the natural tendency of human to bond with more people and they want to feel attached to something: your blog. So why deny these blog readers the opportunity to read, enjoy and respond to what you have to say?

By being more outspoken and active in the Blogosphere, you not only attract followers and readers of your own but also enable you to actually get somethings that you want. Need help installing WordPress plugins? Want to have sponsors for your upcoming contests? Would like to collaborate with other bloggers for some projects? The secret to attaining all those is to speak up. Ask and you shall be rewarded, remain silent and naturally your needs will be unfulfilled because no one knows what you think or require.

I have heard that the Blogosphere would not be what it is now if initially every bloggers, blog readers and internet users were to keep to themselves only. Seriously the Web works only because websites link to one another and maintain the "sharing" policy. Every element of the Blogosphere is interdependent and no one can succeed without others. If you already know this golden rule of Blogosphere, why don't you break the ice and start networking today?

Lastly if you were to maintain long silence, you will lose much more than regular visitors to your blogs. You might lose touch of blogging, lose contact with online friends and associates and lose credibility as a trustworthy and omnipresent authority of your niche. You certainly don't want that to happen, do you? After all, I am sure your purposes of setting up blog(s) are to expand your social circle, gain more exposure and popularity to yourself, your products and ideas, right? There's a simple way to achieve that - break the silence, speak up and make yourself and your opinions known. Happy networking :)

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Alfred Opare Saforo said...

And when you have nothing to Blog about . Always remember to do what 99% of Blogers do. Blog about blogging about your blog.

BobbyT said...

Yeah bloggers who could flip dull ideas and present them into presentable and fresh recommendations and discussions will certainly enjoy ample traffic and buzz in the blogosphere :)

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