Friday, February 22, 2008

PostOnFire Mini Review

Beware people! There is a new up and coming social bookmarking/networking site. It is blazingly hot too. With an attractive name and cool voting graphic, PostOnFire has been quietly converting some experienced users of other established social media sites to its service while at the same time gaining a loyal followings of its own. PostOnFire is only 2 months old, and although there are not too many users there now, submissions there are highly organized into neat categories and are quickly noticed by all other users once they are submitted, which is just the right formula for major success in the future.

Submissions will be viewed by users and once they received enough vote, they become "hot" and are moved to "hot posts" section and get "published" (another word for being featured as hot posts in certain categories, I think). Personally I see many active new bloggers participating in PostOnFire, and if you are a blogger, I highly recommend you to test out this service. On the other hand, if you are a regular web surfer who doesn't blog, you should also check out this site, you might just get your regular fix of quality blog posts in a clean new environment with the possibility of knowing new friends too! If you decide to try out PostOnFire, don't forget to add me as a friend, my ID is bobbytoat. Enjoy :)
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Merqury said...

Will check it out. Thank you

Shanker Bakshi said...

Social Media is very important to bring and cater your contents to millions users. It seems to me like Digg, will definetly check this out.

BobbyT said...

You are welcome. Hope you will like it :)

1 Million in 365 Days said...

I have tested it. It needs a lot more user to get you the traffic you would expect from a social bookmaking site. But it has lots of potential!

BobbyT said...

Yeah I think these social media sites need support of many non-bloggers to be successful.

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