Monday, February 18, 2008

Joining 1st 'Dat' Money Contest!

Good day! I hope you realize the change of template on this blog. Do you like it? Happy Belated Chinese New Year 2008! I hope the year of rat will bring me much luck because I am going to join quite a few contests in the coming weeks. By joining contests, I can help others to promote their blog as well as bringing more exposure to my own blog, a win-win situation, especially if I can strike a few prizes along the way too!

Now, the 1st contest I am joining is 1st 'Dat' Money contest. 3 prizes are up for grabs, 1st place gets 75% prize money and EntreCard (EC) credits, 2nd place gets 25% of the amount, and 3rd place gets a custom banner design (and possibly some EC credits) courtesy of Jay aka 'Dat'. The best thing about this contest is that the prize money and EC credits are not fixed, Jay will add $0.50 and 20EC credits for every new joining subscriber (with 127 subscribers as point of reference during launch of contest)! So if you want to win big prize, go spread words about this contest and get more people to subscribe to Jay's RSS feed. However bear in mind that there is a maximum cap of $300 and 12,000 EC credits being offered.

Sounds attractive to you? Head over to 1st DM Contest for more information as to how to join the contest now! Hurry up, the clock is ticking, the contest will end on February 29, 2008 midnight (Eastern Time). Good luck contesting!

P.S. Forgot to mention, non-bloggers can also join this contest to win money via PayPal. In fact, if non-bloggers got 1st or 2nd placings, they get the contested amount of money and the next blogger in line will get the EC credits :P
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Shanker Bakshi said...

alright addition of $0.50 on every new subscriber joining seems to me not that much. All the best to jay, i am for this contest surely.

BobbyT said...

Yeah my rough estimate according to his number of subscribers now, there is about $20 in the pot now.

1 Million in 365 Days said...

I think I am in this contest too. Good luck! :)

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