Monday, February 25, 2008

Earn money as you search

My Search Funds will pay money for every internet search that you make. With Mozilla Firefox, you can just install the extra search engine toolbar and start your search from there. The search toolbar is powered by OK, I am rather excited by this programme, and rather anxious to share it with everyone.

I am going to break down the pros and cons of this programme, I beg you to just give me 3 minutes time, I'll keep it real short, then you can decide to join or to move on, OK?

1) Easy to use, step by step installation guide for Firefox is provided
2) There is no minimum payout amount! (note it in bold, :D )
3) You get paid no matter how many referrals you have (get paid even if you have none!)
4) Detailed report of your current earnings are provided
5) Easy payout method, by Paypal or by cheque. By Paypal, don't even need to provide address.
6) A revenue sharing referral system up to 4 levels of referrals!

1) Slow payout time (up to 45 days after a month's search, money for January will be paid out in mid March)
2) search database obviously could not challenge Google's. If you are unsatisfied about the search results generated you can simply switch to Google search toolbar with just 2 clicks (don't even need to restart Firefox!).

Below are two screenshots, one is to proof to you how much I have earned in 4 days, the other one is to show you how the referral system works:

My earning
From rough calculation, each search is worth about £0.025 or 25 pence ($0.05 or RM0.16!). My Search Funds expect everyone who does 5 searches per day to earn about £3.75 per month or £45 per year. If you want to make more easy money than that, you will have to refer more people to join this programme as your downline (up to but not limited to £120.00 per month!). If you are interested to start making money now or just to find out more about My Search Funds, click here. Enjoy and happy making money :D

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1 Million in 365 Days said...

I am not sure if it's worth using it.
I mean you should search a lot to get any money out of it. Does every search count? I mean I do a lot of searches. Does it have to be unique? I will look into it...

BobbyT said...

Yes so far I get paid for every search, every search count! The best part is, you only search when you need to, you don't have to do it deliberately, you can use it for a few days in a month, and completely forget about it the rest of the month, and still receive money because there is no minimum payout amount! Not a very good earning to make you rich, but if you refer many friends, the sky is the limit and it's in pound too, hehe!

Purna Borkotoki said...

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BobbyT said...

For your information My Search Funds is now known as Homepages Friends.

I will be paid soon under this program, hope to share this good news with everyone, especially the skeptics who would not trust any *too good to be true* schemes.

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