Monday, January 05, 2009

DreamHost 70% New Year's 2009 Crazy Sale

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There is an absolutely crazy sale/deal going right now at DreamHost. While other major hosting companies are still enjoying the new year's spirits, DreamHost decided to offer 70% discount for 2 years payment option. I wonder whether the 70% discount extends to anyone who decided to pay 3 years fee straight.

So, for 2 years unlimited plan (*with a free domain registration*), you only need to pay $64.44? That is crazy alright, you could barely buy a 1 year unlimited plan on any self-respecting hosts with that price!

DreamHost is one of the top hosting companies in US (perhaps in the world too?). When I mention best hosting companies, the following names keep on reverbating in my head:
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • MonsterHost
  • BlueHost
  • Lunar Hosting
The order does not indicate that one company is better than the other below it, the best host is subjected to individual preferences. There are other web hosts which are extremely reliable but the above 5 is regularly voted in the top 10 web hosts of the year.

I am *extremely* interested to grab the 70% discount offer immediately but unfortunately I am deemed to be located in a region with high fraud risk, making me unable to sign up. I certainly don't agree with this policy, what risk is there if I am paying with a verified PayPal balance? If I am going to commit fraud, couldn't your company just reverse the payment and cancel the hosting account? How complicated is that when the hardware (and software) is at your disposal? If I am going to commit fraud, what difference will the price make? Do you mean you are willing to accept a fraud payment for higher-priced purchase but you are afraid to accept fraud payment for lower-priced purchase? I don't mean to grill you personally but isn't it in your best interests to allow a no-risk purchase and hope for future regular-pricing renewals?

I think I have said enough, but I am going to try one last time with their sales support, to ask them to manually approve my purchase at 70% discount.

Note that I am also not putting my affiliate link here for you to sign up with DreamHost, another lost revenue opportunity for the company if they do not let me sign up and grab the discount. Go figure!

For those interested to grab this wonderful opportunity, here's a few things you need to know about DreamHost hosting plans:
  1. It does not offer cPanel, it has its own proprietary software but I imagine it is not hard to learn to use it. There is a demo available on its site, try to google a little.
  2. Out of the 5 web hosts listed above, DreamHost, MonsterHost and HostGator allows adult content. BlueHost and Lunar Hosting are strictly against adult content.
  3. DreamHost hosting plan comes with a free domain registration. However, you do not need to decide on a domain name immediately, you can use a subdomain temporarily and register the free domain later anytime you fancy during your purchase period.
Wish me luck with the sales support, I really need this web hosting plan. Will keep you updated here if I am successful.

What web host are you using? Is $64.44 for 2 years cheap for you? What are your main considerations when it comes to choosing a suitable web host?
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