Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am a self-proclaimed techie, may only be peanuts in the eyes of the true techies but I am the one my friends and family turn to when there are technical problems with their computers (only computer OK, no other electrical stuffs, not even mobile or PDA!). However, a few months ago I was really embarrassed to let a fellow blogger know that I have not the slightest idea what WiMAX means, my first guess when he mentioned it - a gaming console similar to Sony PSP or Nintendo Wii.

Well eventually I did learn more about WiMAX. From a techie's perspective, a broadband internet connection plus WiFi is absolutely not the same as WiMAX (which is also wireless). I admit there are some differences between the two but whenever friends enquired me, "What is WiMAX?", I'll like to keep it rather simple, just what consumers need to know, my reply - "WiMAX is a new technology which promises faster (and more stable) internet." The technical part, I will just leave it to the service provider and people who are involved in the industry.

Apparently, my opinion is also shared by the marketing department of a certain WiMAX service provider. The people in the department decided that they should keep their advertisement simple and appeal to potential customers in the most pleasant and inviting ways, which means no hard-selling or sending salespersons to (persistently) persuade you to sign-up to their services in supermarkets. Here's how they decide to appeal to the consumers:

Bollywood WiMAX

Commentary: Have you encountered the frustration of being disconnected when you are viewing a live internet broadcast or when you are chatting happily away on your Instant Messenger (IM)? Free yourself now and get connected when it matters and even when it does not...

The Flasher

Commentary: (Imagine sports commentator Hasbullah Awang) Ohh no! The Flasher is doing it again, this is outrageous! Ohh no, not again, please not again. Especially not in Central Market! Hehe :)

Do you enjoy watching the WiMAX advertisements? I wonder whether there will be more of those coming. Perhaps to continue the momentum through humour, Phua Chu Kang can be enlisted to say his favorite phrase - "Best in Singapore, JB, and some even say in Batam!"?
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Anonymous said...

LOL.. these advertisements are hilarious!

i heard about this service before coming here.. guess it is getting kinda big in Malaysia as well. hope it delivers better than streamyx..

BobbyT said...

I have a pretty crooked logic here, somebody mentioned on the forum that WiMAX new services will be fast and excellent until they have as many subscribers as Streamyx (or perhaps 10-20% of total internet users in Malaysia).

Based on that logic, I suggest internet users whose areas have WiMAX coverage should sign up immediately because rumours have it that current 1.2mbps package could run up to 2mbps at times. With that speed, it's easy to run up to 70-80GB use per month.

You could always unsubscribe later when and if the service deteriorates (and earn a free modem).

Tech Support said...

I am getting a nokia 810 wimax, but i don't know if i can upload videos and tv shows, please help me.

Web Hosting Service said...

The third leg of the triple play is Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). IPTV enables a WiMAX service provider to offer the same programming as cable or satellite TV service providers.

drug rehab said...

I am getting a nokia 810 wimax, but i don't know if i can upload videos and tv shows, please help me.

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