Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition

Just found out about this Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition Internet Tablet today. Yes, I think in the future all smartphones and PDAs will be called Internet Tablet or if some companies want to be creative, they could name their gadgets ezyTablet or something.

You can look at the specifications of this Internet Tablet through the above link. While many people are in a frenzy to own iPhone, I am looking queitly for something better. No doubt, iPhone is a cool gadget to own, especially when it has an unrivaled touch screen feature (no offence there, Samsung!). However, apart from that, the technologies in it are not really new or unique (surely other phone company's motion detector feature is much cooler than just touch screen).

Now look at this Internet Tablet. I especially like its WiMAX capabilities and full QWERTY keyboard. This would be blogger's dream gadget. They could enjoy mobile internet, they could type blog posts easily with the QWERTY keyboard and they do not stain their screens with their fingerprints.

Imagine being able to enjoy IPTV and TV on demand, have access to anyone in the world with VOIP and able to live blog about any events that you desire, anytime, anywhere thanks to WiMAX's capability to deliver high-speed internet access and related applications.

I am seriously considering to get this gadget for myself because WiMAX services have been launched in Malaysia. Unfortunately like many other phones and gadgets, this tablet is only available for sales in USA. I supposed this WiMAX equipped tablet costs about $500, seems like a good price but if it ever reaches Malaysian shore, I bet its price would be inflated, just like iPhone (do you know that Malaysians pay more than $500 for the first generation iPhone?).

Anyone frequent between US and Malaysia and could possibly buy and sell me this tablet at cost price? I am not even sure that Malaysian simcard will work with it, though.

Question of the day: Given a choice, would you like to own an iPhone, this Internet Tablet, HTC phones or other iPhone wannabes like Samsung Omnia, LG Secret?
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Anonymous said...

having internet on the go is nice but i still think that the iphone touch screen will seriously change your life!

BobbyT said...

which is why I am itching to get one now but unfortunately iphone without contract will cost about $500. Maybe I should put a donation button on this site and depend on visitor's generosity?

collenisofficalyblogging said...

uggg i know, am so mad about this phone, it hurts me that i have to wait for it to come to Malaysia and when it comes its going to be bloody expensive. have you seen the Samsung Omnia? Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

hey, can i ask that u buy Nokia N810 Wimax already ? coz i looking for it, damn sad can't found it, kindly give a mail to me, thankz.

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