Friday, December 20, 2013

Little insignificant help for Typhoon Haiyan victims

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Just donated a small amount to the Typhoon Haiyan funds organized by ChurpChurp Malaysia. This is indeed noble and thoughtful efforts by the social media company. The world will certainly be a much better place when more people realize that they have a social responsibility and role to play (to help others in need) rather than just looking after their own well being and interests.

I have friend who actually went to the ground in Philippines to provide relief and first aid to the victims. May he and his team be blessed by the Almighty.

If you are keen to contribute too, visit the #ChurpForPH page below or donate to other fundraising organizers (just google or look in your local newspapers):

Thank you for making the donation effortless, only my earnings from ChurpChurp is deducted, no actual money came out from my wallet ;)

The donation drive will end on 22nd December 2013, look for my name in the donor's list later. Enjoy, stay safe and pray for our fellow comrades in Philippines.

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