Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long absence

Has been a long time since the last update.

I am not able to post regularly yet, so just back to bring you a short update.

If you have not already heard, I would like to introduce 2 websites to you which were launched several days apart few days ago:

Malaysia Today -
Malaysia Today is no stranger to us, often providing great insights and shocking revelations. This is not a new launch, a relaunch would be more accurate, the site is back at its original web address and it looked (to me) more organized. Don't delete the URL of the backup site though, because judging by the new articles published on Malaysia Today, I would not bet against it being blocked (again) in the near future.

Free Malaysia Today -
I think this website would be less bias than the one featured above, it will assume the role of an alternative (and hopefully independent) news provider in the country, like its predecessors such as MalaysiaKini and Malaysian Insider but it will apparently cover many other topics besides socio-political news.

To read a more comprehensive review regarding these 2 websites, visit the link below:
New look for Malaysia Today, look out for FreeMalaysiaToday site

Do you have new and interesting Malaysian sites to share with me? Come on, don't be stingy, sharing is caring. Comments are always appreciated.
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Eric : BlogDeManila said...

Welcome back my friend!

were you so busy?

BobbyT said...

yeah a little, but hopefully I can post more now.

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