Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Save More Than 50% Webhosting Fee With Exabytes 52nd Merdeka Promotion

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In conjunction with the 52nd Merdeka Celebration, our ever patriotic local web hosting company Exabytes is offering more than 50% discount on its web hosting packages (shared hosting packages only).

The countdown begins from 18 August 2009, anyone who purchases on that day are entitled to 52% discount off the original price of the hosting packages. As of today, the discount has been revised to 51% and tomorrow it will be 50%. Get the pattern now? If you have been planning to get yourself a web hosting (domains are also available at an all-time low price), there is no better time than now. The earlier you sign up with Exabytes, the more discount you will get, like they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

The discount offered will continue to decrease until 30% when the promotion is to end. This promotion is available even after Merdeka Day, it will run until 14 September 2009.

To know more about this iLoveMalaysia Merdeka Promotion, visit the link below:

Thank you Exabytes for the wonderful promotion. You are indeed a good role model, by demonstrating your corporate social responsibility consistently.

P.S. There is no affiliate link in this post. I hope you will benefit as much as possible from this promotion. Also, I am not paid by Exabytes to bring this news to you, although I don't mind being offered a free hosting package for my efforts. Just joking!
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wow it amazing.thanks for sharing this information.keep it up.

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