Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twitter Rocket

Warning: Affiliate links embedded within this blog post. Proceed with caution ;)

I have mentioned several times in my social networks and blogs that 2009 is the year of Twitter. It has the most tremendous growth and buzz in 2009, so much so that I suspect it will be hard for it to maintain the momentum and better its performance in the coming years.

If you are not quite familiar with the world of internet information marketing, you might not appreciate the popularity of Twitter and the hype going around it. Others will know what I say is true: Twitter information products (and tools) are highly sought after (check ClickBank trends) and bloggers are giving increasing priority to drive traffic through Twitter rather than social bookmarking sites such as Digg, large organizations and famous individuals are also trying hard to build up their own Twitter followings.

One famous blogger who recently cannot stop talking about Twitter and his product Twitter Rocket is Ashley Morgan. Ashley owns the PR7 authority blog Upstart Blogger.

Twitter Rocket
is a system which will do the following for you (summarized):
  • setting up and optimizing your Twitter account, making it attractive to other Twitter users and essentially make your account a "follower magnet" (quote).
  • automate all the hard work needed to maintain a successful Twitter account.
  • grow your followers by around 1,000 every week and rocket your followers, traffic and income (quote).
  • monetize from your Twitter account successfully.
  • keep within Twitter's rules, avoid suspension and keep your account safe.
People who follow Ashley's controversial Upstart Blogger blog will know how much he despised full of hype and ineffective Twitter products and systems which mainly consist of these unethical methods: mass following with no preference of real accounts over ghost robot accounts, mass unfollow accounts that do not reciprocate your following, spam endlessly and creation of multiple accounts to increase visibility.

Thus from this, I conclude that Twitter Rocket may or may not make you hundreds of dollars per week but if it could increase your followers up to 1,000 every week (recurring and might grow exponential), I feel that the price of $97 is money well spent! Especially if (most of) the 1,000 followers are genuine interacting and active humans.

Currently there are at least 2 success stories regarding Twitter Rocket users who leverage the system and their Twitter followers to sell the system as affiliates. Ashley himself revealed that the system has been selling well and his affiliates are making lucrative money. If you want to read more about the success of the said affiliates, try to find the following:
  1. "Proof that I made $2,538 in 7 days" written by one Hannah Solo. (google it)
  2. http://mondodynamo.com/how-i-make-a-passive-income-of-thousands-of-dollars-every-week
I am not linking to them, because I don't wish to send my visitor over to them which might earn them affiliate commissions.

I have not purchased Twitter Rocket and I am not using the system (yet). My Twitter account has merely a little over 200 followers at this moment:


Ultimately, remember that I don't promise that you will achieve anything remarkable with Twitter Rocket, everything that you have read about here is quoted or implied directly from Ashley Morgan himself. I just wish to try to promote the hot system as an affiliate and see for myself how effective Ashley's legions of followers and networks are. I might buy this system myself once I make a single sale of it as an affiliate (just so that I know it is really in demand and the system of promoting something via Twitter is effective).

If you appreciate me bringing this system to your attention (which may well be a distinguished and effective Twitter system compared to other products out there), kindly consider purchasing it from my affiliate link below or read more about the system from Ashley himself:

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Anonymous said...

A little comment. Instead of promoting an affiliate link on speculation, buy and test it, then promote it.

BobbyT said...

Thank you for the sensible advice. I am not trying to cheat or mislead my traffic into purchasing a product and earning myself fat affiliate commissions.

You got me there, yes, it is true that I hope I can earn some commission, but I would never mislead or hope that I earn money from someone else's misery of purchasing a sub-standard or ineffective product.

However the main purpose of this post is for me to test Ashley Morgan's method as outlined in this post:

I believe it would give me a good indication of how good Twitter Rocket really is.

So this is not my personal review about Twitter Rocket, it is a post to test whether it is as powerful as it is said to be, a pre-purchase test drive.

Be assured though, that whatever money I earn from affiliate commission will be invested to purchase a legitimate copy of this system (meaning at least $97 will go back to the system that make me money). I also welcome comments and short reviews from readers who have bought and tested Twitter Rocket.

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