Monday, December 14, 2009

The 7 Figure Code Home Study Course for FREE

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I think some introductions are required here.

The 7 Figure Code is Mike Filsaime's best selling product. Mike Filsaime is an internet marketer or internet marketing guru who could easily qualify in a top 10 most successful internet marketers list, if such list exists.

Allegedly, this said product, sells better than Butterfly Marketing, another best selling product of Mike Filsaime prior to The 7 Figure Code. That's totally possible but it does not mean one product is superior than the other, they cover different topics and The 7 Figure Code actually rides on Butterfly Marketing and other products' successes as it is actively promoted to customers of those products.

As far as I know, The 7 Figure Code aims to help entrepreneurs who are earning 6 figures reach the magical 7 figure income. That breakthrough is important, first time is always the hardest, dude! Don't worry though if you do not already have an online business, the speakers in the course are revealing their secrets of building 7 figure businesses.

Honestly, I don't believe this blog post of mine will be read by too many people who are regularly earning 6 figure income. Normally I would not even consider posting this news, for one there is no profit to be made (no affiliate link), secondly this product is apparently priced at $1297!!!

The holiday season is coming soon but the miracle has already happened. Mike Filsaime will be giving away 10,000 copies of The 7 Figure Code Home Study Course for FREE! Customers only need to pay for shipping and handling (S&H) which will be kept to a minimum of $7-$12 (depending on your location). I cannot thank Mike Filsaime enough for his generosity, especially when he mentioned that customers will not be forced into any continuity subscription upsell/downsell products during this giveaway.

I have received at least 4 newsletters from 4 different JV partners of Mike Filsaime regarding this giveaway and I am sure it will be snapped up rather quickly. Therefore if you genuinely want this product for free, add me on Twitter at @bobbytco and request the URL from me. I will update this post with the URL only after I have secured my own copy (or after the immediate launching of the giveaway). If you feel that I am asking for too much from you, you can always search for the URL yourself (I believe I have given sufficient information in this post), suit yourself.

Remember, to get the URL, do the following ASAP (no, I meant immediately)
Add me on Twitter and send a request @bobbytco

P.S. Here's a hint, it will start real soon, you don't want to miss out...
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