Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheap $2.19 dot COM domain at GoDaddy

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Have not updated for quite some time. To make up for that, I'm offering you a goody here before the start of a new month. Read on if you are interested to register a .org, .net or even .com domain at a low price of $2.19...

GoDaddy is famed for offering ridiculously cheap new domain registrations, it is probably part of its genius marketing strategy, where it sells an item for cheap but try to push for the sales of other products simultaneously. Well, I think the strategy is certainly working (otherwise why do they keep offering it?) and I am not one to complain about such a lucrative offer. The cheap domain registration is offered as a redeemable coupon code discount, the coupon code is...:


Be sure to memorize this coupon code, this offer is sort of recurring every 1-2 month(s), it will be something that you will encounter quite often in your life as a webmaster or website owner. Unfortunately for every GoDaddy account, you could only register one domain each time this coupon code offer is (re)opened.

Don't miss this opportunity, whoever you may be, webmaster, website owner, internet marketer or just a casual web consumer. You can possibly register your first domain at a ridiculously cheap price, or get a secondary domain which you have been eyeing for quite some time, or you can buy a keyword rich domain and build a niche website to earn passive income or flip it, or you can simply register a domain and flip it at webmaster community sites or forums like DigitalPoint or SitePoint for quick profit. If you own a mailing list or a membership site related to virtual estate such as web domain, you can make your subscribers happy by sharing this coupon code and news with them. The possibility is indeed limited only by your imagination.

Follow my lead and say this: Thank you GoDaddy!

Lastly, as usual, I tried to pay for a new .net domain through PayPal but unfortunately I am not able to select that payment option, I am only left with payment by check or credit card options. I have insider news that the current promotion will (most probably) end on 1st of May, hence I chose to pay with credit card. I wonder if this is a temporary glitch with GoDaddy's system or have they permanently restricted payment options to only check and credit card? The latter seems improbable, they will definitely lose quite a large sales volume if that is true. I will open a support ticket at GoDaddy and keep you informed. In the meantime, let me know if you are successful in paying with PayPal.

Have fun and Happy Labours' Day!

Update (07/05/2009):
I did not contact GoDaddy support regarding the payment options but I have since renewed a domain there and payment by PayPal is absolutely fine and I encounter no problem whatsoever. So, I'll pin the problem down to my own error or a glitch in GoDaddy (their logging in and out mechanism is not very convincing to me personally).
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