Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 2009 OIOpublisher Coupon Code

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Do you still remember about OIOpublisher, which I mentioned last January?

I will not be repeating what I said in that post, so if you have no idea what the heck this thing is and you are curious or interested to find out, kindly refer to the post linked above (click on the OIOpublisher hyperlink).

I still maintain that OIOpublisher is one of the most advanced WordPress plugins I have ever used and it is also in my opinion the best personal ad management platform. Regretfully though, my latter opinion does not really count for much because honestly, I have not used many personal ad management scripts, there are some free ones which I intend to try out soon, will let you know if OIOpublisher's position as the best IMHO is affected in any way after I try using other scripts.

Anyway, OIOpublisher team always comes up with new innovations, albeit a little slowly but having been with them for about 9 months, I can say for sure that there will definitely be some new features added every quarter year, either improvements to the script itself or changes to its affiliate program.

The team is very ambitious too, last I heard, they are planning to integrate CPC/CPM ad management into OIOpublisher (with an independent advertising network working parallel with this feature), a separate script module able to run independently off WordPress, etc. Well, those are the features to look forward to as addition to OIOpublisher's current features such as ad management, sales management of ads, text links, reviews and other products. Mind you, for $47, you are guaranteed of a lifetime updates of this wonderful software, there are frequent updates and improvements and not a single cent more expensive.

For an April special savings of $8 off the $47 pricetag, please scroll to the bottom of this post to get the coupon code.

I really like this software more and more but unfortunately my earnings using this plugin is still pretty low, therefore I would not boast further to encourage you to buy it. Just know that the low earnings is due to my blogs low exposure and popularity, not because OIOpublisher cannot handle the sales.

Anyway, I suppose I will be bringing another post about this software to you in May with a new coupon code again. In the coming post, I will suggest further improvements and new features which the OIOpublisher team can consider using.

For April special savings of $8 off the $47 pricetag, please use the coupon code
"SPRING-REBATE" when you purchase OIOpublisher.
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