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Buy OIOpublisher Cheap Until End of January 2009

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OIOpublisher is among the most useful plugins I have ever used with WordPress. It is not a free plugin though, it is a retail plugin designed to help one to manage advertisers, display advertisements, sell anything one could possibly think of, accept payments and make money.

If you prefer an official definition from the creator, here it is:

What is OIOpublisher?

OIOpublisher is an ad platform with a focus on performance, control and ease of use. Serve advertising on your blog or website and keep 100% of the revenue you bring in.

Let's see the full features list of OIOpublisher.

What OIO can offer you
* OIO can be used as a standalone platform, or as a Wordpress plugin
* sell text ads, banner ads, in-content ads and paid reviews
* sell custom items; from custom ads to digital downloads
* entirely automated; purchases and epxirations all handled automatically
* your own ad server; javascript output lets you display ads on any website
* break ads into zones; display ads easily over multiple sites
* click and impression tracking; weekly ad reports emailed to advertisers
* no empty ad slots; show your own default ads until slots are purchased
* ad status management; approve / reject / expire / renew / validate ads
* setup your own affiliate program; reward people for selling your ads
* easily extend functionality; modules let developers go further
* integrated marketplace; let us help you advertise your ads
(OIO here refers to the plugin itself, OIOpublisher and the OIO forums and marketplace)

There are many more features that are being developed with the ad platform right now such as multiple ad durations support, ad coupon codes capability and CPA / CPC pricing options. As a buyer, you are entitled to upgrade for life for all new versions of OIOpublisher. I think in the next few updates, OIOpublisher will emerge as a complete ad platform, you don't need to depend on any advertising networks anymore, you can run your own CPC campaigns.

Right now, the ad platform can be run independently of WordPress, it just need to be used on a web server supporting PHP and MySQL. I can even install it on any WordPress, it will be my own personal ad platform/server, allowing me to sell ads on my blog here at Blogger and accept ad payments on my behalf, even while I am sleeping!

The marketplace is also very unique. Any site running OIOpublisher will be listed in the marketplace, where daily impressions, CTR and other information about the site will be available. You can select any sites under a particular niche/category with suitable traffic for you to purchase your ad space from.

The usual price of OIOpublisher is $47. It is a one time-fee, you can use it on as many domains as you wished and you get all future updates of OIOpublisher for free.

Now you can get it for only $25 - this special price is only valid until end of January 2009. Click on the button below to purchase and use the coupon code Jan90-25.

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Steve Fraser said...

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