Monday, January 19, 2009

Entrecard Do You Hear Me?

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Today I received an email from Entrecard, informing that there are some new features and events coming up.

If you are an Entrecard user, you should have received the email too. Seems like they are eager to break the news to us. However, the events don't really look all that interesting to me. No offence but who wants to go on a dropping spree when they can surf the web and interact socially at Facebook? Echo your approval of this in the comment below if you agree with me on this.

Unfortunately I won't be sharing the news from the email with you here, you may read it on Entrecard blog, it is the latest post. By the way, at the end of the email, there are these wordings,
Do you like the new features?
If you like the new forums and the manual approval feature, let us know! We read and listen to all blog posts written about Entrecard, and writing a post about us and telling us what you think is a great way to show your support!
Right, it was exactly the same size, I just copy and pasted from the email. There I revealed some of the new features announced in the email. Anyway, that's not my point. I seriously wonder whether the staff at Entrecard really listen read and listen to all our blog posts about Entrecard.

Hence the experiment that is this post.

I previously sent an email dated 13 January 2009 to their support staff but until today, has not received a reply yet, not even an acknowledgement of receipt or an excuse saying they are busy and would keep my email in view, no, none of that. Perhaps they are just too busy reading our blog posts and have no time for email support?

I think I will save both our time if I just ask the question here. The Entrecard staff may even reply here by commenting, hey it is much quicker than replying to an email, right?

The question is, "Would you mind providing me with a list of Malaysian Entrecard users, for easier drops and other activities?"

Or perhaps you could respond to my request, can you bring back the features to list all Entrecard users according to their geological position? I could compile the list of Malaysian Entrecard users myself if this feature is enabled, I don't really fancy troubling the support staff.

Without this search feature, it is akin to searching for certain Entrecard sites with specific niches, just that we don't have the sites all under different categories, so users have to wade through the master list by themselves, visit those sites one by one, and still could not be certain about the niches of some sites or totally don't find what they are looking for.

I have written too much now, time to retire and rest. I have just installed the Entrecard toolbar, look pretty neat to me at this moment. Will certainly help for card dropping, card advertising, bookmarking your favorite sites and changing between several linked Entrecard profiles. But more about the toolbar later, in another post.

Hope to have an Entrecard staff notice this post.
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