Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. For Cheaper Web Hosting

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No, seriously. Since this is my second post regarding a certain web host giving some crazy deals at anytime they fancy, I have to admit that they are really crazy. See for yourself...

This web host is DreamHost. Sign up for two-year hosting plan, use promotional code "4444", you are entitled to four years of hosting for just $4.44 per month!

I am not sure whether you have to pay $4.44 x 48 months or $4.44 x 24 months to get the four year hosting because I am a customer from a region which is less trustworthy regardless of the fact that I could pay with USD all the same.

This promotion will almost definitely work for people residing in US. Unfortunately, I can confirm that the promo code does not work for people in Russia, Malaysia and India (and who knows elsewhere?). If you are even slightly tempted by this interesting promo and feel offended to be left out, please make your feelings known by commenting below.

I am convinced that DreamHost always offers crazy deals, this very point has been echoed by them publicly. I might have missed out the New Year sales as well as this, but if you do your part and made your opinions known, I hope somewhere in the future my post will get noticed and they will make an effort to satisfy potential customers from other regions too.

In brief, thank Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. for cheap web hosting.

"Congratulations, President Obama. I wish you can make a difference in the world, for the better."
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