Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Giveaways

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Rejoice, it is winter and it has already snowed in some European countries. Christmas and New Year is coming right soon, too!

I am no Christian but I have been invited to several Christmas celebration parties and have enough Christian friends to know that it is a season of giving and forgiving. It is also the time for reunion and to rekindle and enhance bonds with family and friends.

This spirit of giving is evident on the Internet as well. Keep your eyes and ears open and alert for there are already many ongoing giveaways and there will still be more when it is nearer to Christmas and New Year. I shall share 3 wonderful giveaways with you here:

P1 WiMAX Money Up for Grabs @ PC Fair
Look for them in Booth 530, Hall 5, Ground floor, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KL if you are interested to sign up for P1 W1MAX internet services. Every subscriber is entitled to participate in “cash for grabs” whereby the subscriber will enter the “air chamber” filled with money. The subscriber has 10 seconds to grab as much money. The subscriber will be given the amount of money equivalent to the amount which has been grabbed, but I suppose the money in the chamber itself is to be left in there for the next subscribers, LOL!

NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest is a domain name registrar. As part of their usual word-of-mouth marketing strategy, they have decided to give away $17,000 worth of domain and domain transfers in our "The Great NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest". Participation is very simple. NameCheap will be posting a trivia question every hour on the hour starting 1st Dec 08 till 25th Dec on twitter. Three people who reply to the tweet with the correct answer will get a $9.69 credit to their NameCheap account. Simple, isn't it :)

This is indeed a massive giveaway, remember, it is 1 question every hour for 25 days! For more information, please visit the official NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest page:

Xmax Giveaways! @ HONGKIAT.COM is one of the top blogs for tech users, bloggers and designers. The posts there are top-notch and are frequently featured on the frontpage of the most popular social bookmarking service, Digg. with the help of some sponsors have decided to give away softwares, gadgets (probably) and other valuable items (hopefully). To take part in this giveaway, you just have to comment on the latest giveaway posts, and do that quickly because the first few commenters are almost always guaranteed of a prize.

For more information about this giveaway, check out this post:

That's it for now. I hope you win and get something of value to you. Hopefully I will be able to inform you more about upcoming giveaways.

Do you know of other giveaways? Share them with us please, thank you!
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