Sunday, December 07, 2008

6 Months Free P1 W1MAX Subscription

P1 W1MAX is offering users free 6 months subscription of P1 W1MAX service of 2.4Mbps!

Just got this news from a friend, was really excited but unfortunately my area does not have coverage yet. :(

This is the post on forum (first posted on 1st December).

Hi users,

YOU have won our vote of confidence for being well versed and feverishly interested in anything to do with the internet. As the leading player in the most exciting wireless broadband technology today, P1 W1MAX (NKOTB in M’sia’s broadband landscape), we’re hungry for your vote of confidence too.

It’s simple, we intend on becoming the No. 1 Converged Communications Service Provider in Malaysia, and we think you can help us.

Our very attractive proposition for you.
We would like to offer FREE 6 months P1 W1MAX service of 2.4Mbps until 15th June'09 to the first 50 takers ( users who live in the Klang Valley).

The delicious crunch – what you’re obliged to do for us in return.
Get together for free food and drinks once a month and give us your critical honest opinion about what we’re doing wrong and ways we can do better. You can also give us your valuable feedback through our online survey.

No strings attached!
Of course you might decide to subscribe to our service after 6 months if you’re WOWed, otherwise, we really need our modem back.

To check if you are in the coverage area, visit: (We have just added more coverage areas!)

Registration starts now until 7th December'08 14th December'08.
If you’re in the coverage area and are interested in our proposition or any further enquiries, please email with your full name, address and contact number so we can get in touch with you for registration in our P1 flagship centre.

* Standard Terms & Conditions apply.
** More information on our FAQ and Fair Usage Policy.
***This free 6 months service is open to all users who are in the Klang Valley coverage area and who are not employees of Packet One / Green Packet

Hope to hear from you soon!
Packet One Team
I am not sure how many free subscriptions have been given out but is one of the biggest and most happening forums in Malaysia, so you get the idea.

If you are staying in Klang Valley and wish to get the free subscriptions (worth a total of RM1374 if according to the 12 month subscription rate of the 2400 plan), you should sign up as a user of and submit your application NOW.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing back from you regarding the performance of P1 W1MAX 2400.

What do you think about the marketing strategy of Packet One? Would you like to get a free subscription plan or not? Why?
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hyperX said...

Wimax is a joke for me. I've checked P1 Wimax Coverage and my house is slight away from the border line. So, no wimax for me... sigh... For those who're using it, do review it.

Packet One team said...

hi hyperX, please email your full address, contact details and lowyat username so that we can verify your coverage. We have just widened our coverage so who knows, you may be in coverage now :) email:

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