Sunday, December 07, 2008

The University Kid for Sale!

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The University Kid is an entrepreneur and make money online (MMO) blog owned by Jason Pereira.

Jason is a blogger which I have been following and keeping tabs on for almost my whole blogging life. He is as close a blogger to the A list bloggers as I know but unfortunately I do not yet have chance to work together with him. Hopefully I shall have such chance in the future.

Back to the story - The University Kid is a pretty helpful blog, many blogging and make money online tips are available there (with some entrepreneurship tit-bits). I myself have benefited a lot from his advices and occasional free ebooks, MMO reports and case studies.

Jason, following in the footsteps of John Cow, has decided to list his blog for sale on Sitepoint because he is going to be busy for the next 2 months or so. Apparently, 2 months is considered a big gap in time for a MMO niche blog and instead of letting the value drop, Jason has decided to sell The University Kid and let someone else take it to the next level.

Do check out the listing, here are summaries of the blog details:
  • Google PageRank: 4
  • Uniques/month: 5,000
  • Pageviews/month: 11,000
  • RSS readers: 1,100++
  • Backlinks: 20,000++
  • Alexa ranking: 67,000
  • Monthly revenue: $500-$1000
Jason has always mentioned that he did not monetize The University Kid to its maximum possible potential. I can certainly say that it is true, unlike a certain A list blogger, he does not send out (read spam) emails preselling his partners' products, nor does he saturate his blog with affiliate links everywhere. Kudos to Jason for making a difference in the MMO niche, giving us the anchovies a slice of the MMO cake instead of profiting from our desperation!

Based on the monthly revenue and potential reserve (remember I said that it was not optimized fully for making money?), I myself would value The University Kid at the price of $8,000-$12,000. Even at that suggested price, it would be a steal, considering that Jason will pass over a new design and template to the new owner along with unique high quality posts and tons of backlinks.

Also, the Buy It Now (BIN) value is set at $15,000. If anyone buys at that price, Jason will throw in his Blog Premiere site with 10,000 forum posts as an added bonus for the BIN buyer. Blog Premiere has Google PageRank 2 and a vBulletin as well as a premium WP theme licenses are included in the bonus, I presume. This bonus must be worth $1000-2000 at least.

If you are interested to bid for The University Kid (TUK), please don't forget to mention my name - BobbyT. Jason is kind enough to give 5% from the sale to the person who referred the end buyer that purchases TUK or 10% if the end buyer purchases at BIN value.

Thank you and best of luck selling your site, Jason :)

How much do you think TUK is worth? Would you or would you not sell your blog if ever there were such need? Would you or would you not buy another person's blog and how much maximum are you willing to spend doing that?
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