Monday, December 15, 2008

WordPress 2.7 Auto Update (WPAU) Problem?

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Do you have such a problem (see picture above) after upgrading to WordPress 2.7? I don't mean to say that the WordPress Auto Update (WPAU) plugin has bugs but I am not sure whether this problem happens to everyone or whether it is only an isolated case.

I have 2 different WordPress blogs on different servers and both have encountered the "Download failed.: couldn't connect to host" problem with the WPAU plugin. However as I prepared the above screen shot, my last attempt at updating a plugin at one of the blogs miraculously succeeded. Unfortunately, the other blog is still having problem connecting to host.

I tried to google this matter up but there has not been much complaints. There are a few people who has problem with WPAU on WordPress 2.7 but others have already reported WPAU compatibility issues with earlier versions of WordPress. I am happy to say that throughout all 2.6.x versions of WordPress, I am very happy with the WPAU plugin and have no problem with it whatsoever.

What's your experience? Do you have any problem with WPAU on WordPress 2.7? Any disatisfaction with WordPress 2.7 at all?

Apart from the above problem, I find the admin area of WordPress 2.7 to be slower than 2.6.x but the documentation says it is supposed to be faster than before.

So which is right? Do I find it slow because I have too many plugins?
I wonder.

I cross my fingers, hoping that updating plugin on the other blog will have no problem soon and that the source of the problem is only temporary connection disruptions between my webhosts and WordPress servers.
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Gallivanter said...

I had similar problems with my test blog, but it somehow worked fine with my live blogs...

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