Friday, November 28, 2008

P1 To Approach Consumers Directly

This is a continuation of the P1 WiMAX Experience post I wrote before.

During the P1 WiMAX Experience event, time was allocated for the invited guests to have an open discussion with P1 representatives regarding the Internet services in Malaysia, the ISPs, WiMAX services and also role of P1 as the first provider that launched WiMAX internet services in Malaysia.

P1 was represented by 3 staff members, namely Billy Lee (Technical Officer), Christina Tang (Director of Brand/Marketing Communications) and Kenny Wong (Chief Marketing Officer - CMO). They impressed upon us that P1 values sharing session and discussion with consumers are one of feedback methods for them to improve their product and customer services.

Here are some of the P1 plans which was shared with us:
  1. P1 WiMAX coverage is rolling out in Alor Setar
  2. By year end, P1 expects to cover at least half of Klang Valley.
  3. Unfortunately, Kelana Jaya may only get a taste of P1 WiMAX around December 2008 or first quarter of 2009.
  4. USB modem will only be available in the first quarter of 2009.
  5. An online application will be provided so that users can monitor their monthly bandwidth usage.
  6. A package for heavy users is being considered right now.
If you do not already know, P1 will be implementing a fair usage policy in their P1 WiMAX services, meaning that subscribers download/upload speed will be managed so that all users across the network will enjoy satisfactory connection speed. In the fair usage policy, there is also a bandwidth cap of 20GB for subscribers of (bandwidth) limited plans.

However, from the tone of P1 representatives and rumours which I have heard from Malaysian internet user forums, the fair usage policy is not strictly enforced at this moment because the subscriber volume is still relatively low compared to the maximum capacity that could be supported by P1's impressive facilities.

At the end of the discussion, most guests understand the need for the fair usage policy but apparently some bloggers still feel that 20GB per month is inadequate for heavy internet users. To our astonishment, P1 tried to gauge our respond towards a package for heavy users, "Would you subscribe to a package for heavy users?"

Da-hhh. So apparently they knew our main concerns. Unfortunately, the representatives did not give further details regarding the package for heavy users, for now we can only assume that it is under consideration and may or may not be offered. I am sure the market response would very much influence P1's decision, so you might want to try emailing P1 if you are a heavy user who would like to have a customized package.

As for me, I am glad even if P1 has only briefly considered the possibility of offering customized plans for users with different needs. I suppose this is a good sign, we finally have an ISP which would listen to consumers' voices and do whatever it can to improve its services and consumers' internet experience.

Next I shall be discussing fair usage policy as well as bandwidth cap neutrally. Is there anything you would like to ask P1 or would like P1 to acknowledge or know about? Please share it with us here.
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John Sukowaty said...

I must say that you have some good coverage here on that event. It really peaked my interest in the event.

Good work.

BobbyT said...

Thanks! Uhmm too bad I am not able to attend a recent annual bloggers' gathering in Malaysia, otherwise I would have covered the event too :)

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