Sunday, November 16, 2008

P1 WiMAX Experience

I had an opportunity to attend P1 WiMAX Experience event about 10 days ago. I managed to secure an invitation to the event because of a fellow blogger friend who attended P1 W1MAX Launch back in August.

The purpose of the event is to showcase P1's superior services and products. I also later learn that it was the opening day of the P1 Packet Hub. During the P1 WiMAX Experience, we were given a tour around the main lobby, the brand-new office, as well as a short peek into employee's facilities and the service monitoring room.

The main lobby or customer service center is located on the ground floor, it is very well decorated, there were many fancy souvenirs, banners and comfortable seats and sofas spread around the space. Now anyone interested can just walk into the customer service center, try out any of the 3 P1 W1MAX speed packages on offer and talk to customer service for enquiries regarding the services.

P1 is among the most proactive WiMAX provider in Malaysia. Before departing the ground floor for higher floors, we got a chance to laze on the comfortable sofas. Apparently that is a cue for us bloggers, industry experts, members of the press and other invited guests to have an open discussion with P1 staffs regarding the issues of internet, ISP(s), wireless internet services, P1 W1MAX, WiMAX and the roles played by P1 in the industry thus far. I have noted down some important points from the discussion but I shall post them in another blog post.

Next, we were brought up to the higher floors. If you think the lobby is impressive, then I am all the more impressed with the employee's entertainment and relaxation facilities seen below. I suppose the reason why the discussion is done before further tour is because P1 doesn't want what we see in the higher floors to influence the discussion but I must say that the sight of the facilities have no doubt changed my views regarding P1.

Lastly we were given a glimpse of the service control room which is a high priority and security room. We were of course, not allowed in there, we have to see the settings of the room through a glass partition.

Well the tour was fun and the P1 staffs are really friendly and accommodating. When I started this blog, I have never expected to participate in any blogger events or meetings. However I suppose a blogger needs to interact with other members of the society and keep himself updated on all happenings, otherwise he will be outdated. I fully support such events, so if you know of any, kindly do let me know!

Oh by the way, I forgot to visit the toilet of P1. I wonder if it will be as sophisticated as the rest of the building or as pretty as the RM5 or RM7 "premium" toilets in KLCC and Midvalley.

Have you attended any blogger gatherings or events? Would you like to attend one? If there is another event by P1 or other companies, do you want me to invite you (if it is possible)?
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hyperX said...

You didn't mention about the connection stability and speed...

BobbyT said...

Ohh yeah, I only saw the speed test from a step away. The demo PCs are only used to surf their own websites and other multimedia laden sites like YouTube. The YouTube streaming is excellent. Although we still need to test P1 W1MAX for online gaming and onlive TV streaming before I would recommend it to my family and friends.

acura said...

Foosball table & a gym. Looks like a nice place to work in. Wimax is still new though, I am not sure about the capability. They should do more roadshows

John Sukowaty said...

I wouldn't mind gonig to any type of events regarding things related to technology or blogging. This is a nice post and something to look at, too.

BobbyT said...

yeah acura, I am going to wait and see before I change my old Streamyx for other ISP. I just love foosball, hope the office I work in the future would have one, hehe!

thank you John for the compliment.

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