Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting Talks by QuaChee

QuaChee is a blogger, an entrepreneur, a model, an actor and a friend (if I may say so). He has achieved many things which some youngsters could only dream to attempt.

Recently QuaChee has published a tourism book called 50+1 Malaysia - a book about interesting places, food, people and events in Malaysia. It is not the first book published by QuaChee, he has published another book called Batik Inspirations in 2005.

QuaChee is obviously a very busy person and his business requires him to travel to and forth between Malaysia and her little Southern neighbour, Singapore. He is one of the few entrepreneurs which I look up to mainly because he gives personal attention to his contacts and would correspond directly and he is rather humble too. I also love what he is doing, rarely would a young Malaysian promote our beloved country as much as he did in his work. Besides, I just sort of think that the life of an entrepreneur is rather exciting, absolutely different from millions others who work 9-5 shift every weekday. I have at least one other personal friend with similar life, perhaps I should interview both of them and other entrepreneurs and write up a blog post to share with you insights of entrepreneurs' life.

By the way, QuaChee will be having 2 talks this weekend. Here are the details of the talks:

I LOVE Malaysia Lah
So often than not, living in Malaysia, we have 101 complaints about this country. But beyond all these, Malaysia is a beautiful country from places, food and even people. And to say I LOVE Malaysia is no understatement. It is afterall, home.
15 NOV 2008 (SAT), 2pm,POPULAR @ Sunway Pyramid

50+1 Malaysia: The Journey & Things You Might Not Know

Did you know we had over 100 book covers? And that the book title was something different in the start? These are just the few things we faced. If you are interested to learn more on the journey of publishing this book and insight to the publishing industry, this talk is for you.
16 NOV 2008 (SUN), 2pm, POPULAR @ IKANO Power Centre

The talks are free and I am especially interested in the second talk. You know I have this crazy idea of being an author/writer of at least 1 book before I grow senile. Besides, I am sure QuaChee will be glad to entertain anyone who likes to have entrepreneurship advices from him.

So I urge all youngsters, even working adults and the press especially to attend these events. This talented patriot deserves every bit of support for his tireless efforts to promote Malaysia. Hopefully his talks will be covered in the newspapers! QuaChee has demonstrated that life and work can be meaningful, if you wished your life could be more exciting and that you could make a difference in this world, maybe these events would be a good first step... :)
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John Sukowaty said...

Looks like you are right about QuaChee being busy. I always wanted to write a book about "whatever" topic and have always looked up to those that already have.

BobbyT said...

Yeah, writing a book is also one of the childhood dreams that I had. Wish we could achieve our dreams one day :)

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