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The Motive Network Now Powered by Advent 2.0

As a non-US citizen, it is not easy to be accepted into any any advertising network (especially those affiliate network). Most advertising networks would require their publishers to have a decent-looking website before approving them as members while others would conduct a 1-to-1 interview on the phone to find out how their publishers intend to "sell" their affiliate products or services.

By chance, I stumbled upon Motive Interactive. It is an advertising network specialising in CPA offers but other monetizing options for publishers are available too, including CPM, CPL, etc.

Some advertising networks do not provide support to their publishers whatsoever, they just give out some codes and expect publishers to do the rest, there is no stats tracking, no stats report, no direct affiliate manager and feedbacks between publishers and advertisers. The same cannot be said of Motive Interactive. At first I was reluctant to apply as a publisher but after corresponding with Motive Interactive's support staff, he convinced me to join, elaborating that their network is different and he even showed me a preview of their new Advent 2.0 platform.

The Motive Network will be powered by Advent 2.0. Advent 2.0 is specially created to cater to increasing demands of advertising industry and it is highly scalable and adaptable should any unforeseen changes in the future arise to maintain its competitive edge.

The key features differentiating Advent 2.0 from other networks' platforms are:
  • it provides ad serving and impression tracking capabilities (beneficial to publishers and advertisers alike).
  • the data model, code model and system processes are designed by industry experts with years of experience building high volume performance advertising and lead generation networks.
  • it contains advanced features other platforms do not have - multiple payout support which includes commission based sales, individual publisher and advertiser allocations and lead routing to multiple advertisers and buyers.
  • it has real time and batched lead processing as well as very flexible and powerful data
    handling and validation capabilities.
  • it has a clean, streamlined user interface that empowers publishers to get to the offers, creative, statistics and campaign information they need quickly.
  • publishers have access to tools to measure important campaign performance metrics across all time periods, campaigns and payouts in multiple perspectives including 'effective' perspectives like eCPM and eCPL.
  • it has simple, but powerful filtering capabilities for offers, campaigns and performance statistics.
Even when my affiliate manager was 'selling' the platform to me, I was in doubt despite learning about the efficiency of the Advent 2.0 system. Realizing the shortcomings of words, Motive Interactive decided to come up with the following 'preview' video of the system.

Well, a picture paints a thousand words and a video paints a thousand pictures. Hence I am convinced that The Motive Network might just be the affiliate network which might help me make money and I am now looking for best offers in the Motive Network to promote. Once I make some money from Motive Interactive, I shall share my promotion methods here, hopefully people who decide to use my methods would sign up as my referral to enable me to benefit from some referral earnings.

Motive Interactive's referral earnings program is 5.5% lifetimes referral earnings. This payout is among the highest in the industry. The referred publisher must continue to generate commissions without a lapse of twelve (12) calendar months in order for the referrer to continue receiving the 5.5% commission from that publisher each month.

By the way, before ending this review, my affiliate manager informed me that Motive Interactive is now actively seeking for top affiliate marketers, especially those who could generate publisher commissions higher than $10,000 per month. To encourage those internet marketers to try out the new Advent v2.0 system, the following reward system is devised.

Rewards are paid each month based upon a publisher's commissions for the previous month. The reward payout starts at 1% then increases to 2% the higher the tier. The current payout tiers for the rewards program are as follows:
Top affiliate marketers out there, you'd do well with $10,000-$25,000 rewards, not to mention the commissions already in your pocket if you could sell so much of Motive Interactive's affiliate products, they would love you so much!

So, I'll be taking off to see what offers could I promote soon. Thank you to my affiliate manager, Luke, you have already opened my eyes to the possibilities eventhough I have not earned much from affiliate network, yet.

Click here to join as one of the publishers of Motive Interactive

Have you joined any advertising (affiliate) network as a publisher or advertiser? Are you satisfied with the service? What do you think about Motive Interactive's new Advent 2.0 system?
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John said...

I am a member of many networks, but havent heard of Motive until now. You have a nice post here with enough information for me to go see what it's all about. Good work.

Thanks for the information.

BobbyT said...

You are welcome John. Might I ask what the networks which you are involved in? Do you make good money off them?

brendan Smith said...

Just wanted to drop a line in here and say thank you for a great review! Motive is excited and looking forward to working with all of you! We are now out of beta and have officially launched the new Motive CPA Network powered by our advent 2.0.

Check out the press release :

Brendan J. Smith
Chief Executive Officer / Founder

BobbyT said...

Hi Mr. Smith,

you're welcomed. Congratulations for the official launch of Advent 2.0, I will check out the press release.

Thanks for visiting :)

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