Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to Report Fraud?

2 comments is a community-friendly fraud information site. Its tagline is "Protecting you and your finances".

Indeed, on the front page of the site itself, is a permanent "sticky" page detailing how to effectively report fraud. Strategies and methods to get your money back and cautioning others about scams are provided in that single post. There is also a list of agency which will accept fraud complaints and do whatever they could to nail down the culprits and recover your money.

Scams are one of the worst crimes ever, both in the cyberworld and reality. Scammers pounce upon human's greed and are opportunistic leeches - they strike indiscriminately whenever they sense an opportunity, regardless the victims are rich or poor, young or old and whether they urgently need the money or not. Scammers are hated both by the whitehat and blackhat people, instead of working hard to earn honest money, scammers prefer to take the easy way out and swindle and cheat innocent people. strongly advises and calls for people who have been (almost) scammed to come forward, share their stories and report fraud. By doing so, you may not get your money back but you are providing a great service to other people so that they do not fall victim to the same scams again. To make it easy for people to share their stories, hosts an online form for visitors to submit their stories.

Various types of scams are neatly organised on, featuring categories and posts such as Consumer Scams, Identity Theft, Investment Scams, Mail Fraud and Credit Card Fraud. Besides these useful information regarding the nature and modus operandi of various scams, also has interesting articles about making money online and how to optimize articles for maximum search engine visibility.

To avoid getting scammed and for other street-smart online tips, do visit Let's co-operate as a community and help to reduce scam cases. Make the cyberworld and our world a safer place. You could help by linking to this site now...

This community friendly message is brought to you by BobbyT. Have you visited Do you like it? Have you been scammed before? Do you have any tips to share with us to avoid being scammed online?
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John said...

Well, fraud is certainly a problem. Being in the ecommerce business about 5 years ago, I was in the middle of some credit card fraud myself. People should know where to start when reporting it and seeing what options they have in getting the money or identity back. Nice post!

BobbyT said...

I can only imagine how serious the problem was with your ecommerce business credit card fraud.

I have a friend who had just purchased electronic air ticket, lo and behold, the next day itself there is fraud charges on the same card :(

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