Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheap $2.19 dot com domains at GoDaddy

This is the sort of time when I would really chant, "Gooooooooooooooo Daddy!"

Yes, GoDaddy is at it again, there's some sort of inexplicable coupon code which will enable each customer to register a dot com (.COM) at the low price of $2.19!!! I have just got myself a domain, within first 5 minutes of getting to know about this coupon code. Be warned, most of the time when this kind of things happen, it will not last long! So, use the coupon code below to get a major discount for 1 new .COM domain:


Comments on my blog posts and thanks appreciated if I helped you in any way with this post.

Lastly, I don't claim credit for the discovery of this coupon code, read about it on The University Kid today, just have a hunch to visit it, normally I don't visit it everyday. I guess that just means that there are gems to be found almost every other day on The University Kid. Thanks TUK!!!

What domain did you register using this coupon code?
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Shawna said...

Thanks for that code, very useful :)

In return, I offer these GoDaddy codes:

emma1 = 10% off any order
emma2 = 20% off any order >50USD
emma3 = .com domain for 7.49USD (new and renewals)
emma4 = domain for 2.70GBP for the first year
emma30 = 30% off .com domains (new and renewals)
emma35 = .com domain for 3.50GBP (or local currency equivalent)

ghing said...

I really want to get my own domain.. but right now I can't transfer money from my paypal account because it is not verified yet...

before I don't want to get a debit/credit card account for my paypal but now I am planning to get a debit card in unionbank for me to purchase a domain of my own..

BobbyT said...

Hi shawna,

Thanks for coupon codes. I'll be sure to use them soon :)

Hey ghing, saw you several times on Bloggeries Blog Forum already.

By the way if you really want to buy a domain name, you can do so with an unverified paypal account but not with GoDaddy. Name.COM accepts domain registrations with unverified paypal account payment and I highly recommend it.

I believe this coupon code below can help you slash $1.50 from the full domain registration fee (it's $8.99 for new domain registration at Name.COM now):


Enjoy and hope you get your own domain real soon, hehe!

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