Sunday, August 03, 2008

WiMAX in Malaysia and its Effects

Yes, you probably have heard about it. Taking opportunity of the recent PC Fair, one licensed WiMAX provider has offered WiMAX for trials to the speed-hungry internet users who don't mind spending more (or not?).

During my foray in the crowded convention center (KL lar), I failed to spot the said WiMAX provider, but I see that many people are holding that particular company's paper bag, I wonder what other goodies are offered. Err, go find out yourself lar which company is that, bad mood already, did not get to find out about the trials' terms and conditions.

So WiMAX is inevitable now, Streamyx (TM) better take notice! What are the possible effects of WiMAX in Malaysia?
  1. Increased competition among internet service providers (TM, Maxis, Celcom, Jaring and the WiMAX providers).
  2. Increased internet user base (especially those in the rural areas).
  3. There will be increased money spending and business on the internet.
  4. More offline job opportunities to support the online activities.
  5. ASTRO & Cable TV will face competition too, online TV and streaming content will become popular.
  6. Free internet connection in public places? ("Yes, I have a dream, ...").
  7. More gadgets and devices will integrate wireless connections.
  8. Possible Internet-on-the-Go services via WiMAX.
  9. Better technology makes human lazier, resulting in obesity, bad health, ...
  10. Perhaps there will not be much effects after all, WiMAX in its initial implementation will closely mimic wireless broadband, its full effects in the near future remains to be seen...
Err, above effects due to WiMAX implementation are purely my own opinions, you can disagree. To the less tech-savvy, I have this message for you: Aiya, let WiMAX come lar, nothing much to concern you lar (unless you have been looking for a faster and more stable internet service).

I see one licensed WiMAX provider company making great efforts to conquer the market, what about the others? Do you hear anything about them?
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Wing Loon said...

Which provider? Hmm...better step up Streamyx, :D

BobbyT said...

Currently, P1 is making a lot of moves, check it out here -

Tekkaus said...

They have finished with the testing right! and most probably they'll roll it out in the 3rd quarter! But in Klang 1st. Hopefully this will pave way for more affordable internet! =)

PrettyGirl2u said...

Is WiMAX subscription cheaper than Streamyx? If yes, TM sure will close door lo. :P

BobbyT said...

Hey Jayce,

The link to your prettygirl2u site is faulty, with a 'c' omitted, hehe.

Anyway, latest news sayt that the lowest WiMAX package from P1 will cost RM60 for 384kbps, I think and RM160 for 4mbps package.

I expect most consumers would probably take the speed of 1 or 2mbps package, if available, I estimate around RM100-RM130 lar, slightly more expensive than Streamyx but hopefully we can now look forward to a really good internet connection.

tingtitlei said...

actually i dont really give a shit about the price if the difference is not too big but please, just make it more reliable than streamyx

BobbyT said...

tingtitlei, yeah that's practically what most internet users in the country are hoping for, difference of RM40-50 is but a small investment for the peace of mind :)

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