Tuesday, August 26, 2008

P1 W1MAX is everywhere

Rejoice people, Independence Day of Malaysia is just around the corner!

This time around, we will not only be celebrating the independence of our beloved country and the exploits of Datuk (soon-to-be-conferred) Lee Chong Wei in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

So what else are we celebrating? Malaysians have plenty to celebrate indeed, Avril Lavigne's concert will be going on, the oil price has been reduced and last but not least, the stranglehold on local internet service held by TMNET (a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad) might finally be broken by the imminent launch of WiMAX in Malaysia.

While the major WiMAX players have been rather quiet, P1 W1MAX is flexing its mighty muscles everywhere. YTL e-Solutions Berhad is expected to launch its WiMAX services in these few days.

What? You did not hear about P1 W1MAX yet until now? They are ubiquitous, their modem has been featured on a local Chinese daily, they have a pre-launch trial for consumers in the most recent PIKOM PC Fair and they officially launched their WiMAX service on 19th August 2008 in Mandarin Oriental, KL.

Unfortunately I have not been able to attend the event despite being invited by virtue of owning a (self-proclaimed) popular blog. However, I have included some photos of the event below, just to show you how grand the event was. I wish I was there. Special thanks to Danny Foo for giving me permission to post his photos of the event here.

I will be writing another post soon to discuss about the packages offered by P1. Hopefully by then, other WiMAX providers have also launched their services. Then I might be able to compare between the different providers' packages and try to identify the best solutions for home (and maybe corporate) users. Until next time... If you would like to find out more about P1 W1MAX, see below - I found the advertorial in my free Hotmail email service, too bad they have limited coverage now, which means I have to rely on Streamyx a little longer...

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PrettyGirl2u said...

Looking forward to have it at Northern area like Penang soon. :D

BobbyT said...

hi Jayce,

I am sure Penang will be one of the major states and cities they want to conquer, and when they do, let me know how is its performance, if you are using it :)

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