Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Express-All-I-Want Open Letter to Exabytes

In conjunction with Exabytes 7th anniversary, I have written an open letter to them. Hopefully someone from Exabytes will read this open letter and give me feedback by commenting here. Here's my 7 paragraphs, 577 words open letter to Exabytes to express all I want. Happy 7th Anniversary!

Hi Exabytes,

I did not know you 7 years ago. I started knowing you since early 2008, that was when I decided to start blogging.

I believe you are one of the best Malaysian hosting companies now, there are others out there but I could not name any off-hand. Maybe my knowledge is limited, or it so happens that Malaysians like to talk about you.

People say you are the best in Malaysia because:
  1. Your hosting is reliable.
  2. You have excellent and extra-fast support team.
  3. Your data centers are based in Malaysia and US, thus ensuring fast access of websites for Internet users based in Malaysia.
Although I did not know you in your early years, I have read quite a lot about you and also how you were initially set up. The founding story of Exabytes is indeed inspirational and will be a good motivation for any Malaysians who wish to emulate your success.

Now you are celebrating your 7th anniversary. You may have expanded, have more workers, assets and also customers now than the yesteryears but I believe these days do not count as your glory days in terms of customer satisfaction. I may be wrong but I believe that customers were really happy with your service during your 4th and 5th year in business. Then just few months before your 7th birthday, everything goes wrong - customer complaining about the uptime of your servers, the same customer saying that using shared hosting on Exabytes might affect a site's search engine ranking and finally customers protesting against your new policy which prohibits content related to homosexuals.

Exabytes, why don't you take this opportunity (in view of your anniversary) to put back emphasis on things that matter? Moving forward and expansion are important but you must not lose sight of the importance of maintaining the quality of your services, of which you are highly reputed in the past and a large part of your reputation is based on server reliability and excellent support team. Besides that, regarding the enforcement of the new anti-homosexual content policy, I am sure that your intentions are noble. However you might want to get a professional lawyer to rephrase your policy and you need to distinguish between homosexual adult material and safe content involving homosexuals. Allegation of discrimination against homosexuals is certainly one thing you don't wish to be associated with.

Dear Exabytes, you have established yourself as a reliable hosting with good support and your price is among the most affordable. These are the things that distinguish you from your competitors. Don't forget your roots and continue with the good work you have put in the last 7 years, don't let it go to waste! I am not your customer and have not used your hosting before but if people were to ask for my recommendation of a reliable Malaysian hosting, I would mention your name without a second thought. As for international market, unfortunately you probably would not be my first choice recommendation, there are really attractive offers out there and there is still work to be done if you want to be ranked among the best international web hostings. However, I believe you are not that far off from the big players up there. Make me and other Malaysians proud, I would certainly be happy if one day I could recommend you as the best hosting for international market as well.

Happy 7th Anniversary!
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Chan - Exabytes said...

BobbyT: Thanks for your feedbacks and comments, we truly appreciated that.

BobbyT said...

Wow, I got a reply from Exabytes CEO, that was real quick :)

Anonymous said...

yea, heard that their services are not very good recently with all the complaints. hopefully things will change for them

Jayce @ Make Money said...

Some Malaysia hosting companies are really bad. My website host in US because of poor support from them. 24/7 support? Call during office hour also no reply. :(

BobbyT said...

@Jayce: really? sorry to hear that. Glad that I got myself a hostgator hosting as my 1st hosting account. However, I am willing to try out Exabytes, their price indeed is reasonable but only when I have some spare money to spend hehe :)

123 said...

ABC Bloglearner says...

hmmm... what's up with the hosting guys? Actually I am saving to have SBI so no more worries.. what do you tink about it?. I heard it's really good... anyone who have tried it yet? 300$ is a long way to save though and I better make my site good to at least break-even..

ABC Bloglearner

BobbyT said...

hey 123,

What exactly are you referring to when you said SBI? $300 is indeed a lot of money and might even buy you up to 10 years hosting on smaller hosts but it can hardly pay for 3 years shared hosting on the top web hosts.

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