Thursday, June 05, 2008

SitePoint Giving Away a Free Photoshop book

The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques is available for download for free on SitePoint. The book is originally sold for $29.95 and is not one of those hastily assembled sub-standard ebooks on the internet.

Authored by Corrie Haffly, this book is intended for web designers and anyone who wishes to acquire a passing knowledge about graphic manipulations. I have not gone through the book yet, but looking at its Table of Contents, it is quite a good book for learning Photoshop and other graphic manipulation programs (most programs have similar features and functionality).

If you have tried to learn Photoshop on your own to no avail and are reluctant to fork out money upfront to buy a proper book, then consider getting this free book which is available for download as a PDF file. You would need a PDF reader to view the book, you can use yet another freebie, the Foxit Reader to view PDF files. Even for those who are already quite familiar with Photoshop, you might still learn a thing or two from this book, or you could just keep it on your hard-drive for future reference or pass it along to interested friends or relatives (you are probably not allowed to distribute it online as a free download though, do check with SitePoint or the author regarding your distribution rights).

You will do well to quickly download the book now because the free offer does not last forever, this giveaway only lasts for 7 more days (ending June 13th, 2008). Get it now!
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Rajaie AlKorani said...

Thanks for the heads up :-)

Greenleaf said...

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Have a nice day! :)

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BobbyT said...

thank you greenleaf for the review :)

Agent 001 said...

Lovely give away. I am very much interested in Web Designing. I will blog about this giveaway on my blog.

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