Sunday, June 08, 2008

Free Get Started Blogging eBook

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Fancy another freebie eh people? Yes, there is indeed another giveaway and this time it is a free ebook called "Get Started Blogging".

Unfortunately, this ebook is not written by me, as much as I would like to claim so. This ebook is written by Germz, you can actually get it free by subscribing to his newsletter.

I have actually read through his ebook, it is good, there is solid information in it and is definitely useful for bloggers who are just starting out.

A big part of the ebook concentrates on the Wordpress blogging platform which is widely used by blogs all around the world. However this book includes other general blogging topics as well, which are:
  • niche (what it is, on choosing a niche)
  • obtaining a blog (what it is, Blogger and WordPress)
  • installing Wordpress (with screenshots)
  • optimizing your blog (plugins, themes, SEO)
  • content of your blog (different kinds of content)
  • monetizing your blog (affiliate marketing, private ad sales)
  • advertising your blog (sort of marketing your site)
Are you interested in the ebook? You should get it now, there is nothing to lose, it is free after all! OK, I know not every free thing is good, but this ebook is definitely worth getting, you can check other people's testimonials to the ebook before downloading it.

Free things are just great, aren't they? Free ebook with useful information is even better. I figure I should also write a few ebooks, but I may give them away for free like Germz, or I may decide to sell them. What do you think? Should I write ebooks? If you were given the chance to choose the subject of an ebook to be written, what subject would you like it to be?
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John said...

it's always fun to read an ebook, especially when it is free.

Good resource for beginners.

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