Friday, May 23, 2008

Update May 23rd: I am back...


Hi, been quite some days since the last post here. I was busy with a lot of things: buying some webhostings and domains, learning the ropes of self-hosting and WordPress and literally doing marketing with other web entrepreneurs.

Also I have been planning to change the Blogger template for quite some time now and finally you can see the template of my choice here. However the "upgrading" of the layout is not 100% done yet, there is still a lot of stuffs to clean up, re-arrange and modify and add. I hope to finish tying the loose ends with the layout soon.

In the last few days, I managed to grab 2 great hosting offers, 1 is a personal account while the other is a reseller hosting account and I got both of them at a killer price. I am not sure what to do with the reseller hosting yet, either give out some free accounts or sell some cheap hosting packages, or use it myself. Seriously I have got more hosting accounts than I can use right now, and recently I was informed that I have won 1 year hosting + domain from a contest I joined.

OK, this is an unofficial questionnaire. I have not decided to sell hosting packages on the reseller hosting but I may depending on the response to the questions I have here.
  1. Would you like to have your own blog with your own dot com?
  2. What price are you willing to pay per year for blog and domain hosting?
  3. If you were going not planning to have your own blog, would my offer of USD3/year hosting and domain entice and perhaps change your mind?
Obviously, my hosting will be able to support forums, PHP, MySQL, etc. but I am thinking that most people will prefer having just a blog. My hosting has up to 400GB bandwidth, I will be selling at least 10 accounts if I decide to sell. Some simple calculations, if you were to buy a domain to be hosted with me, the total might only come up to $10USD per year. Interested?

Would like to know your opinions about this. Meanwhile I will keep a watch on the hosting server, to see how stable it is and I may post the report few days later. Also I have 3-4 good posts being lined up and at least 1 or 2 freebies for you guys soon, so don't forget to check this blog again tommorow or the day after tommorow!
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Jug said...

Wow, great theme! Simple elegance, I must say. :)

BobbyT said...

thank you jug for following my progress :)

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