Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exabytes Moving Out Sale

In recent times, the price of commodities are rising and rising. Despite the reduction of world oil price, we all know better that the inflated price of other commodities would not be following the oily big brother down this direction.

You know, about a decade ago, there was a campaign in my beloved home country, which translated into English would roughly sound Zero Inflation Campaign. It was rather successful and I was curious why the current crop of leaders do not aspire to implement similar campaign again. Perhaps in the 21st century, zero inflation is not possible? Well, I suspect given the record high inflation rate this time around, zero inflation may not do much good either, we should instead strive for a reduction in the price of the commodities, just like in the good ole times, somehow we need negative inflation now.

Anyway, back to our topic. There's some good news, out of nowhere, Exabytes is offering discounts up to 70% in its hosting plans products. Apparently, Exabytes would be moving out of their present location to a new office. Congratulations to them! By the rate at which they are expanding and their (seemingly) good management and promotions, I can see only 1 local webhosting company giving them any challenge at all in their quest to dominate Malaysian webhosting scene. I have not done any extensive research into this, it is merely a hunch, but I might blog about the other company in other posts.

The hosting plans at discounted prices are limited and if you have been planning to get a reliable hosting, you should probably grab your chance now, which will only be available up to 15th of September. Here's a preview of what's left:
EBiz Plus Plan - original price USD68/yr, now only USD49/yr (Coupon Code: MovingPlus)
EBiz Gold Plan - original price USD116/yr, now only USD99/yr (Coupon Code: MovingGold)

The EBiz Plus plan is sufficient for a starting personal blog and some small projects (up to 3 domains or so), you don't want to be stingy and invest in Exabytes student package, that will only retard your growth. For the more ambitious, EBiz Gold plan will hold strong even if you are expecting a few millions visitors per month. You can view the features of both the plans here.

Finally, to take opportunity of this promotions, I have signed up with Exabytes as an affiliate. I will get paid a certain amount of money as commission for referring you to buy Exabytes' web hosting plan(s). If you like what you have read and are planning to buy a hosting anyway, why not buy it through my affiliate link below to benefit me?

Buy Web Hosting Plans From This Link

Don't forget to use the coupon codes provided above to enjoy the discount rates. As a bonus, anyone who signs up with Exabytes through my affiliate link will get my assistance FREE to help them set up a WordPress blog complete with the most important plugins. Those who signs up under me can also opt for 5 free unique 500 words articles of their choice if they don't need the WordPress setup.
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Web Hosting Reviews said...

That's a lot of free deals you offer for Exabytes hosting plans along with the coupon codes for saving your readers money on new Exabytes hosting accounts. That's a noble gesture to offer setting up a new blog for them if they sign up. I hope you get lots of new bloggers hosting with Exabytes. Feel free to let us know how you would rate the web hosting plan as you get new people on board.

BobbyT said...

Sure, I was once a newbie too, and it's the only way for me to show my appreciation if anyone signs up under my affiliate link.

I will rate Exabytes at your site when I have more time :) Thanks for commentating!

El said...

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Jayce said...

Hmm... I still prefer US hosting. MY hosting company let me down several times already. :(

BobbyT said...

Hi Jayce,

I am sorry to hear about that. I actually have an account with Exabytes and so far (1 month), I think there is 100% uptime, I use free site monitoring service.

But actually Exabytes also put your site on their US-based datacenter, it is not only a local company now, it is international, which makes it different from the rest of the MY hosts.

Just my 2cents, it may not be the best on the Web, but I believe that it is unrivaled in MY :)

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