Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love Malaysia

I love Malaysia. I am a 23 year old Malaysian Chinese. I have spent about 20 years in total since my birth in the country. Therefore, yes, perhaps I am biased in my opinion. Malaysia is my country of birth, my place of origin and I love Malaysia indefinitely.

Our country will be celebrating her 51st Independence Day on August 31st, 2008. Congratulations!

What I love about Malaysia?
I have seen the outside world, I have stayed and visited other foreign countries and I have heard about other cultures as well. However, deep in my heart, I have no doubt in my heart that Malaysia is the country I love. Malaysia is unique in her own ways.

Malaysia is made up of 3 major races, yet unity and co-operation spirits is often found during the most difficult time. The mamak stalls are allowed to operate 24/7, you may find some stalls in other countries closing as early as 5pm or 9pm the latest. Due to a variety of races in our population, we celebrate many different festivals regardless of race and religion. We exchange presents during Christmas, we offer ang pow and duit raya to younger generations, etc. We are a greedy lot too, we love to eat, we never seem to pass up an opportunity to have nasi lemak, roti canai, satay or cha kueh tiau. We can do whatever we want in the country as long as the activity is legal, we have unrestricted freedom in practising our religions and rights. I am especially proud of Malaysia's active participation in world issues (in United Nations and also among Islamic countries) to make the world a better place to live in. It is also comforting to know that Malaysia is still producing the world's best badminton players years after years. Mentioning sports, I also would like to congratulate our youngest Datuk for the award - Datuk Nicol David, she has been raising the profile of our country for numerous times and is one of the most recognisable sports figure in our country.

I think that would be enough, there are other things about Malaysia which I love but I would like to keep that to myself.

Ohh, by the way, I think I am also proud that Malaysia has an ambitious and strong-willed entrepreneur in quachee, he is the man behind the book above and he is involved in many businesses and entertainment industry too. He is the owner of and the site is currently running a contest where 100 copies of the above book (worth RM51) will be given away. Quachee, keep up the good work, would certainly hope to meet and know you one of these days!

Are you Malaysian? What do you love about Malaysia? If you are not Malaysian, what have you heard about Malaysia? What is your experience in Malaysia?
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5 comments: said...

yea.. datuk nicol rocks!!

malaysia boleh!!

QuaChee said...

hi bobby

well written - yr story will move malaysians :)

btw, thank you for participating in the contest. and yes, im sure, we will meet up someday :)

*inspiring blog uve got.

BobbyT said...

Hi webmaster of, that was really quite of you to find my post. Nice site by the way, I didn't know there is an unofficial fan blog for Nicol :)

quachee: hehe my blog is nowhere as inspiring as your journey as an entrepreneur!

Eddie Law said...

Hi thi is Eddie Law.

I hope you can help to blog about eLawyer Law Blog Writing Contest 2008. pls read

BobbyT said...

Sure Eddie,

I would help to spread the news about your contest. I am interested to join, provided I could find some free time.

Do you mind answering some of my questions on your contest post first?

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