Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BobbyT Blogging To a T has been Blogged

Last week I received an email from one Amy Liu from the marketing department of According to her, BobbyT Blogging To a T was recently reviewed by the editors of and they have graciously awarded it a score of 8.2 out of maximum possible 10 in the Technology/Computers category of She also stressed that the score is quite high and is an achievement. Needless to say, I am surprised and pleased to have my blog recognized in a certain way.

The score is given based on certain criterias: Frequency of updates, relevance of content, site design and writing style. Considering the age of this blog and the fact that it is a 1-man blog, I am quite proud to display the score chart below (in comparison with the 9.9 score of in the same category). is a site aiming to discover as many blogs as possible, present interesting content to blog readers, review and categorise blogs accurately and finally make life easier for blog authors and readers and to realize the potential of blogs as new free media.

Feel free to look around to discover more interesting blogs. You can participate in the rating of blogs and you can also add comments for certain blogs that you have visited. If you are a blog author, you can also submit your blog(s) to be reviewed and categorised. Who knows, you might attract many more new visitors to your blog.

Thank you Amy Liu for informing me about the rating I have received. Keep up the good work, :)

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peanut said...

eh.. peanut here.. i need to loan 2usd from u.. urgent urgent!

Avatar said...

Congratulations. It's great to see your blog taking off.

BobbyT said...

Thank you avatar :)

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