Thursday, February 28, 2008

Contest with 3500 EC Credits to give away

I am joining another contest with 3500 entrecard credits as the prize. I was going to join Joe Tech's contest, but there was a huge competition to win there, so I decided to join Marko's contest instead.

This contest will mainly interests bloggers because of the nature of the prize and the ways to join in this contest are standard:

1) Subscribe to Marko's feed. You get 5 entries for doing this.
2) Subscribing by email. You get 20 entries for this.
3) Blog about Marko's contest. You get 30 entries for doing this.

You are not required to do all 3, any one will do, but if you do more, you will stand a greater chance to win. As there will only be 1 winner, Marko has thrown in an incentive for bloggers to join the contest, there will be some ebooks to download when you subscribe by email. So what are you waiting for? There are only a few days left until the contest ends (end of February!), come on give it a go and you might be just in luck to win it! Click on the link below to join the contest:

3500 EC Credits Give Away Contest
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1 Million in 365 Days said...

Contests are a fast and popular way to get some decent traffic. I recently had mine going and everyone has won. I will be getting ready for bigger contests with cooler prizes!

BobbyT said...

Cool, hope to join your future contests too! :D

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