Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just received $10 cashout from Project Wonderful, thank you!

Yesterday when I logged into my Project Wonderful account, I noticed that I have accumulated enough funds to cash out or withdraw (the minimum amount before withdrawal is permitted is $10). Each withdrawal are charged $1 regardless of the amount withdrawn, I guess this is fair for the company, especially after the introduction of PayPal fee lately.

Project Wonderful is a good opportunity to make money for small publishers and also to gain exposure for advertisers who run a tight budget. Project Wonderful is a advertising network which automates the task of buying and selling ad spaces at their marketplace. Its unique system is based on auction of ad spaces, i.e. whoever bids the highest will get the ad space. You can start advertising for as low as FREE (due to default minimal bid value being set to $0.00 to promote initial bidding) to several cents a day up to the amount you are comfortable to pay for the ad space (the highest bid amount I have seen is about $45).

I think Project Wonderful is offering an advertising alternative which has not been made available before. There is no weekly or monthly commitment, you only bid for a particular day which you can cancel anytime. It also allows advertisers to display their ads on multiple sites at cheap rather than pool all their resources on a single site which may or may not bring desired traffic or attention. On the other hand, small advertisers benefit by being able to try out the efficacy of a campaign on a high traffic publisher site without being tied down for long term.

Other advantages/benefits offered by Project Wonderful:
  • easy to set up for publishers (select the ad types you want, copy and paste the code into your site)
  • payment by PayPal (minimum amount to cash out is $10 with $1 withdrawal fee)
  • no fixed payment dates (you can withdraw anytime, unlimited times per month provided have minimum cash out amount)
  • detailed statistics and reporting system (with export to spreadsheet capability!)
  • easy to use and effective marketplace (
  • multiple ad sizes supported
It took me quite a while to accumulate $10 with Project Wonderful because I was only serving their ads here on this blog, which is not very popular to be honest. However now having received payment from them, I can trust them, throw caution to the wind and use them on more websites. I look forward to having a pleasant time as a publisher with Project Wonderful.

P.S. At this moment I am also experimenting with Adgitize, will report back about my experience later on. Do you have experience with any of these advertising networks? Do share your experience with us.
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