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Infolinks Q&A Review

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Today I would like to share with you a review about Infolinks, an "In-Text (Contextual) Advertising" company. It acts as the middle person between advertisers and publishers (blog and website owners). Advertisement relevant to a publisher's content (hence CONTEXTUAL) is effortlessly integrated within the text, taking up no extra real estate space on publisher's site.

This review will be in the form of questions and answers (Q&A), because it is a format which I would like to try out on this blog. Questions will be denoted by 'Q' while answers by 'A'. My answers are in bold for emphasis.

Q: How did you hear about Infolinks?
A: Honestly, Infolinks is not as famous as Google Adsense or Yahoo! Publisher Network but I have no doubt that it is catching up with them, while establishing itself as the leader in "in-text" advertising. I have heard and seen its ads 6-8 months after I started blogging and I joined them as publisher about half a year later.

Q: How fast was the integration and configuration of the ads?
A: Very fast, publisher only needs to copy and paste the Javascript code provided into their web templates. There is also minimal configuration needed. I am positive that any web users who could use Facebook can integrate and configure the ads effortlessly.

Q: Did you receive good support?
A: I have only approached the support team once to enquire whether I am allowed to share (show) my earnings screen shot with other web users. The support team responded promptly within a few hours and was very helpful and patient, even making the extra effort to refer to their administration before getting back to me.Such level of support is satisfactory enough for me. I am glad I do not have to approach them for problems regarding the advertisements, so far.

Q: How happy are you with the earnings?
A: I am quite satisfied with my earnings so far. The click through rate (CTR) and effective cost per thousand impression (eCPM) that I received are comparable to industry standard (meaning the ads are relevant for my web visitors and the ads clicked also give fair earnings). Figures and screen shot will be shown here once I get Infolinks' permission.

Q: Did you get paid on time?
A: Unfortunately I have not reached the minimum payment threshold of $100. However, I have no doubt that Infolinks will pay its publishers on time (within 45 days of the end of the payment period which would be each month as long as the balance is above or equal $100, as stated in its FAQ).

Q: What do you think of Infolinks as a company and its approach towards its publishers?
A: I would like to believe that Infolinks consider both the advertisers and publishers as its priorities and that one of its main aims is to help us earn better money and provide us with pleasant advertising/publishing From my observation, it is a people friendly company, it keeps us updated about the network's progress, activity and promotion and encourage us to interact with it, making us feel like a part of a big family. Its website of the month and Double with a Bubble contest (see video at the end of review) are testimony of its efforts to provide us with a better experience. Other publishers seem to echo my sentiments as well.

Q: Would you recommend Infolinks to other publishers? What are the advantages of serving Infolinks' Contextual ads?
A: Yes, I would highly recommend Infolinks to other website and blog owners. The are many advantages: Firstly, it is user friendly and beginners can begin making money almost as soon as they are registered. Other advertisements such as Google Adsense requires more configuration and optimization to earn a healthy income for publishers. Secondly, big and small, local and even international publishers are wanted by Infolinks and will (usually) be approved quite quickly (again contrast that with Google Adsense and Yahoo! Publisher Network). Thirdly, it is the highest paying in text advertising solution (quote), while it gives us the highest paying ads against minimal site space, it also allows its ads to be served together with Google Adsense and other forms of advertisement (Google Adsense also approves of being served together with Infolinks).

Q: What are the improvements that you wish to see at Infolinks?
A: I hope its report can be more detailed, showing the CTR of each page as well as eCPM of each keywords and keyphrases. One of these days, I also hope Infolinks can expand beyond in text and conceptual advertising, bringing in other forms of advertisements such as widgetized ads (like Chitika, Amazon, etc.) and ad boxes (similar to Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Adsense) although that may not be the company direction.

Q: Is there anything new that you learn about Infolinks while preparing this review?
A: Actually yes, I just found out that Infolinks can process payment via Prepaid Mastercard® (powered by Payoneer) which I already own. That is definitely good news for me as I have another option to receive money from Infolinks.

Q: Any last words to say to Infolinks?
A: Yes. Happy New Year 2010 and congratulations for standing strong and being the industry leader of online in text advertising. Don't lose your identity as you grow bigger and always take care of your publishers (and advertisers) the way you are doing now. They made you what you are now and they will decide what you will be in the future. I am glad and proud to be a part of the family. Thank you!

Let's see how the family party together (Double with a Bubble contest)

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