Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mystery of GoDaddy Domain Forced Credit Card Payment Solved

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Did I mention having problem with the payment system of GoDaddy domain registrar? I have paid for domains using PayPal many times before.

Then the last time I tried to take advantage of its mystery 199DOMAIN coupon which allows us to register a new dot com or dot net at a super low price of $1.99, the only payment option available is credit card.

After that incident, I again renewed my expiring domains with GoDaddy using PayPal. All these made me quite confused but I thought the above incident may just be a one-off incident or a temporary glitch which would be fixed as soon as the GoDaddy found out about it.

Today I decided to google and see if there are any new coupon codes which I could use and I found this page:

Godaddy Coupons For June 2009

The site is called Godaddy Coupon Codes which I suppose will feature new coupon codes every month. From the post above, I found this:
199DOMAIN still active, just purchased 1 Domain Name. It works only if you pay with credit cards not paypal
Now apparently I am not the only one faced with the forced credit card payment problem, I guess the payment option available is set depending on the coupon code that customers use.

I don't know why GoDaddy does this but perhaps they have a monthly credit card charges target to achieve, possibly if they have a large enough volume, the amount of service charges billed by the credit card merchants would be reduced for them. This is just a wild guess, obviously I would humbly take any lessons about this matter from anyone with better knowledge and experiences.

I find it a little disturbing that this issue is not addressed by GoDaddy in its FAQ or knowledge base, or perhaps it was highlighted but it is certainly not easy to find from its site.

The GoDaddy site seems overcrowded, the navigations are confusing and overall it is not user-friendly at all. Important information is not easy to be found, there seems to be too much offers and promotions flying all over the whole site, don't you think? Am I the only one who feel this way? What is your opinion? Don't you think other domain registrars' interfaces are more neat and organized?
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