Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Introducing PayPerPost v4

PayPerPost has largely dropped out of favor (and sight too!) since slightly more than a year ago. It has turned from a major paid blogging platform (the first one too if I am not mistaken) to a mass links buying marketplace full of rampant spams, questionable links and unethical posts, not to mention the high PR requirements but extremely low payment offers by advertisers. Even its parent company IZEA was promoting SocialSpark (another paid opportunity platform for bloggers and advertisers) aggresively and left PayPerPost to rot.

I am aware that certain bloggers (and advertisers perhaps) were still making good money and having fun with PPP for the previous 1 year but I believe these people are the minority. Prior to PPP v4.0, many bloggers could only earn the initial $20.00 post opportunity from PPP and they received no further opportunity, maybe due to a lack of good pageranks or international geo-targeting opportunity. Furthermore, bloggers are unable to add additonal blogs as long as they have not written 10 paid posts on the first blog they added to the system. This restriction paralyses many bloggers, who may have other blogs with high pageranks. Personally I am more than willing to return $20.00 to PPP provided that I could add other blogs with good PR so that I am eligible for new paying opportunities. Unfortunately, in the end bloggers who were receiving opportunity were also discouraged when they are only offered $5.00 to write a post on their PR2-4 sites.

However, it seems IZEA is now pushing PPP again with this new revamped PayPerPost v4.0. I wonder why? Is the market in SocialSpark slowing down? I am not one to dig too deep into a company's strategy and come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories. Therefore, let's just enjoy the improvements. Briefly, these are the features of PPP v4.0 (mainly for bloggers):
  • bloggers could set their per word rate, like $0.05 per word, a 200 word post would earn you $10.
  • bloggers could set their per link rate, if each link is set at $3.00, advertisers requiring 2 links would have to pay you $6.00 in addition to the per word costs of the post.
  • bloggers could choose whether to allow dofollow or nofollow links only or both. Unfortunately there is no way to set different cost for dofollow and nofollow links.
  • bloggers could add as many blogs as they want, these blogs do not need approval by PPP admins, as long as advertisers would like to advertise on your blog, you're all set!
Being a blogger who values his own time and blog space and not wanting to degrade the perceived value of a freelance writer/blogger, I have decided to raise the costs of advertising when I add this blog to the PPP 4.0 system.

My price per word is $0.05.
My price per link is $.500.
Conservatively, a 200 word blog post and one link would cost an advertiser $15.00.

I doubt I would get any advertiser anyway on this blog, it lacks updates and critical news. If there is miracle though, I will certainly share the good news here.

Lastly I would like to applause IZEA for coming up with these improvements. I like your innovations but would be curious to see how well PPP v4.0 performs once it runs under full steam.

Click here for PayPerPost v4.0 alpha
PayPerPost v4.0 alpha FAQ (for advertisers and bloggers)

If you have previously registered with SocialSpark, you can use the same login to access PPP v4.0. I tried the old PPP login, but it was not working.

What do you think about PPP v4.0 and the improvements? What are improvements or additions do you think are necessary? Would PPP v4.0 return to its glory days and make advertisers and bloggers alike happy? Has anyone managed to make money from PPP v4.0? Share your thoughts with us please.
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Jys said...

I think what most of us care about is whether we can earn money or not from that site.

revamped ppp? why not just find more advertisers that willing to pay a decent price.. say 50 words for $5? 100 words for $10 for those without PR. that's good enuf lar...

BobbyT said...

Yes true, we don't need too many fancy features as long as all (or most) bloggers having PR0-PR9 sites can make decent money.

I wonder what went wrong. When PPP started like 5 years ago, there were local bloggers who have made a killings money (I know of 3 different local bloggers who made about RM20k each). Where have the advertisers gone? Have they reduced their budgets or spent it somewhere else? That is possible.

Or perhaps they started using other paid blogging networks? I think the chances of this are lower, because other networks were not doing exceptionally well too, last I heard.

How are you doing with other paid blogging networks, if you are still earning from them recently? Please share it wish us. Thank you!

sabah-2u said...

Saya sdh daftar payperpost v4 tp saya ada masalah dgn claim blog. mcm mana nak claim blog? blh tlg saya. :)

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