Monday, January 12, 2009

$25 Bonus Cash from Kontera

Kontera is a PPC Ad Network which has brought good profits to many publishers (people who serve their ads).

It's a shame that I have not joined Kontera, until now...

What tempted me? The $25 Bonus Cash, of course! There are of course terms and conditions to follow to be eligible for this bonus.

If you are interested to redeem this $25 Bonus Cash, you have to join Kontera through the link in their blog post announcing the bonus cash. Then as a publisher, once you earned $75 with Kontera, they will round your balance to $100 (the minimum payout amount), so don't panic if you don't see the bonus in your account immediately.

There is no time limit imposed for you to reach the $75 and earn the bonus cash, the bonus is basically yours as long as you could earn another $75 in your lifetime as a publisher with Kontera (pending further announcement and changes, who knows what happens in the future, right?).

The last condition - to be eligible for this bonus cash, you have to sign up by 15th January 2009, there are still 2-3 days to do that. So don't miss out this great chance!

As a Kontera publisher you’ll benefit from:
• Quick and easy integration;
• Higher CTR & revenues;
• Adsense compatible ads;
• Multiple payment possibilities.

The ads served by Kontera are mostly in the form of ContentLinks, where certain words in your blog post will be turned into PPC Ads, you earn only when people click on that text link (like on my blog posts now, but I am currently serving Infolinks In-Text Advertisement, will probably introduce it on another post).

I wonder if it is safe to serve Kontera ads and Infolinks ads together. Also, I'll have to verify that Kontera ads are compatible with Adsense ads. Will surely keep you all updated ;)

Join Kontera now as a publisher if you have not and lock in the $25 cash bonus

Are you making money with Kontera? Please share with us your experience and your earnings report with Kontera, if you have done any such posts. Thank you!
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3 comments: said...

i try kontera very long time already, but I not sure what is the problem, my earning very low, each month few cent only

Kontera Publisher Services said...


My name is Vered and I'm from Kontera.

Great reading this post – Thanks Bobby!

I wanted to let you know that Kontera can be used alongside Adsense and the majority of our publishers find this combination to be an extremely successful monetization strategy. We don't allow using our ContentLinks in conjunction with another In-Text provider and require exclusivity in regards to this form of advertising. I regret hearing that you weren't pleased back when you tested our service. If you're be interested in giving us a second shot I will gladly work with you to make sure you're experiencing ContentLinks' full potential. Email me if you'd like to give it a try (my name

BobbyT said...

Hi Vered,

Nice to see people from Kontera monitoring blog posts about them.

Yes I understand the need for exclusivity in regards to in-text links. I am not using Kontera on this blog yet, I merely registered this blog under your system, so that it will be easier for me to use Kontera advertising if there is such need.

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