Thursday, October 16, 2008

The New Yorker Premium WP Theme is launched!

If the tons of features of self-hosted WordPress themes do not sway your heart and make you wonder whether you should remain on blogspot or not, then certainly the sight of this premium WP theme will tempt you dearly.

I almost immediately fall in love with The New Yorker theme when I set my eyes on it! I have always wanted to build a news website (one of my childhood ambitions is to be a journalist) but I lack the technical skills to build such sites from the ground up. Imagine how glad am I when feel that my dreams might just come true soon with this The New Yorker theme. The New Yorker theme has just been released less than a week ago.

Click here to view a live demo of The New Yorker Premium WP Theme in action

Reading the information about the themes, I found that it can be easily installed like most WP themes and yet it boasts having many sophisticated features not found in other themes. From the screen shot, I suppose we can say that this theme has the magazine looks. Although I have not tested the theme myself, I think we can set some posts or pages to display permanently on the front page (making them the "featured" news). Apparently the theme 136 settings in its control panel (wow!), dynamic drop-down menu system, 37 widgetised areas (can be increased to even more, I suppose) and integrated banner management and dynamic video block.

Considering all those sophisticated features and the aesthetic features of the theme itself, it is hard to believe that it only costs $39 to buy. From the usage information I find that I can add thumbnail or image to every post and I can also add some videos to posts whenever I fancy. That's really power and freedom in my hands (or themes, if you prefer :D).

Truth be told, never have I ever imagined myself being able to have my own news website like the screen shot above. I know having a wonderful WP theme does not get me to my goals just yet, but it will be instrumental as a means to an end. I really wish to have a professional news website, either serving and interacting with a large or small community. Whether the website succeeds or not, that should be another story for another time but I suppose it is the experience of running the website that really matters, and I would rejoice if part of that experience involves working with this wonderful theme. I would try my best to get my hands on this theme, perhaps you should too!
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John said...

I must say this template is stunning. I really never wanted to start a news or magazine type blog, but some of these templates are making it harder not too.

Thanks for the heads up on this one, I haven't seen this posted anywhere else.

BobbyT said...

Well you should check out other themes by the developer, they are affordable and have advanced features compared with other WP themes out there.

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