Sunday, October 12, 2008

P1 W1MAX Promotion Extended

Packet One has recently extended its WiMAX service launch promotions till 31st December 2008.

The most attractive offer in the promotions is of course the free modem which is worth RM999. Nationwide access fee of RM10 per month has also been waived (you need this enabled for your account if you intend to use WiMAX services outside of your registered service address).

Besides that, there are some fee reductions in the personal 2400 plan and both 1200 and 2400 business plans. Normally business plans will certainly be more expensive than personal plans but now they have the same subscription fees, business owners should seriously consider this once in a lifetime offer. The fees shown above are recurring meaning you only have to pay subscription fees according to the advertised fee until your 1 or 2 year contract expires. You can also opt to sign up to P1 W1MAX service without contract but you would have to forgo the promotions, they are only available for contract subscribers.

This extension of the promotions is indeed a wise and sensible move by P1. Many internet users are dying to try this new Internet service but unfortunately many places in Peninsular Malaysia do not have WiMAX services coverage yet. Hopefully P1 will cover more areas in the coming months so that more internet users could benefit from this promotions.

Have you heard of WiMAX yet? Do you wish to subscribe to this service (hoping to have better internet connection)? Or are you satisfied with your current internet connection? Do you prefer fixed line or wireless internet access? Do you mind sharing with us what connection you are using now?
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Danny Foo said...

That's GOOD to hear.

But from what I'm reading in the papers today, unless they omit or lessen the cost of the modem a number of people may not sign up still.

BobbyT said...

So basically the cost of the modem has been covered by P1.

The problem with their service now is that their USB modem is not functioning to a satisfactory level and they faces challenge from HSDPA service providers which have greater reach than WiMAX and just a little more expensive.

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